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5 Unique Facts About Google That You Did not Know (Part 2)

Image source: Google is one of the top technology giants based in the United States. Companies that are famous for various products like search engines, Google Glass, Google Chrome, and more are very popular. Even Google

Coalition of America, UK, Australia for West Papua Independence

[/ caption] Although the intention of Papua was finalized as part of NKRI territory, but the movement to establish Papua as a new country, seemed more intense. Their gunshot target was the result of the PEPERA 1969

5 Types of Plants That Can Make Your Bathroom Beautiful

Image source:, Jakarta Many people are utilizing potted plants to decorate the room. Call it from the living room, work space, kitchen, to the bedroom. But not many people decorate the bathroom with a touch

Coal Investors Stumble Area Lending Permits

A total of 54 coal mining companies, both holders of the coal mining contracts (KPP2B) and mining rights (KP) agreements in the Barito district of Central Kalimantan, are currently facing licenses to use forest areas from the

Forest Koebangkangkung, lane in and around Cilacap minimal street lighting

Image source: Passengers from the direction of Jakarta to Cilacap or vice versa, are asked to be more careful when crossing the Koebangkangkung forest road Kawunganten District. Because, in this rubber forest area is still classified

5 Trump Promises Are Already On The Threshold of Reality! Time to Pray May the World Not Increase

Image source: The whole world was in an uproar after the vote counting of US Presidential elections yesterday was over. Donald J.Trump, a real estate entrepreneur famous for his TV show The Apprentice and owner of

Closer and Learn Nature with the Nature Activist Community

Natural activists or what is usually called mapala is a community that is more trend in the present era. The bustle of Indonesian mountains makes every region has its own mapala community, as in the city of

5 Trend Skin Care During The Year 2017, One Of Your Favorites

Image source:×630/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-:fill-!white!-/2017/01/27/716/n/1922153/2487199547d6aa84_GettyImages-632715286/i/Niall-Horan-Brown-Hair-January-2017.jpg – In addition to makeup, facial or skin care is also one of the focus of women to get the maximum appearance. Throughout the year 2017 there are recorded some trends in the

Forest in Sumatra Remains 29 Percent

Image source: JAMBI, KOMPAS The shrinking forest area in Sumatra for the past 16 years is very sharp. In 2000 the forest is still 15.3 million hectares, but 2016 remains 13.4 million hectares. This condition is

5 Tips To Reduce Negative Impact Manicure Gel

Image source: – Gel manicure is a favorite for women. In addition to not easily damaged, manicure gel can also last long to approximately 1 month. For women who want to look always look charming