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Beat Paris, Bogor Reaches Most Loved City’s Predicate in the 2016 We Love Cities Global Campaign!

Whose word does Indonesia not perform? Whose towns in this country do not deserve to live? Thursday (30/6) last night, from the official facebook account We Love Cities has been published that the city of Bogorlah be

4 This Toy Can Train Motor Development Of Children

Image source: Motor development is the process of growth and development of the ability of children's motion. The development of this motor is usually in line with the maturity of nerves and muscles. Thus, any simple

Easy and Not Time-Taking, Here’s How to Make Bamboo Lamps from Bamboo!

Image source:×656.jpg Bamboo is a plant that can grow wild in various regions in Indonesia. Usually bamboo grows in forests and places far from urban areas, although bamboo is very easy to find because the growth

Batik waste dominance of river pollution in Solo

Waste batik industry still dominate the pollution of a number of rivers in the city of Solo. Industrial waste disposal exceeds the quality standard threshold found in the river Premulung and Jenes Laweyan. Pollution on both rivers

4 Things You Should Throw From The Wardrobe

Image source: – Lately often complain because the cabinets are full and messy? Many women complain about it, as if the closet is always not enough to put the clothes in. Wait a minute, maybe

East Java DPRD Urges Commission IV Merotorium Problem of Selective Logging

Image source: The House of Representatives (DPRD) of East Java urged the House of Representatives Commission IV, which among other things in charge of forestry to fight for the implementation of a selective moratorium on logging

4 Things You Need to Do to Be Happy in a New Home

Image source:–best-parents-quotes-parent-quotes.jpg – Moving home in a good new environment is certainly very interesting and also fun for many people. However, not a few people just feel strange and depressed when living in a new

Bath, to Clean, Fresh and Healthy

We often do not realize and do not appreciate the role, privileges, advantages, benefits, and efficacy of water for life. Because our dependence on water is not limited to mere exorcism. One is for bathing. A clean

4 Things Men Do not Like (Do not Do It Yes!)

Image source: For women, the world of men is so mysterious (even though they are simple creatures). As for men, women's world is so 'complicated' and difficult to understand. There is also truth, because men and

Basic Chemistry 10 Examples of Chemical Change and 10 Examples of Physical Changes!

Hahaha hard to find examples of changes in physics and chemical changes, there are only 4 instances of doangg? * for those guns want ribet and guns want to think alias just ngandelin information from the internet