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Cloning Plants

I just found out there is also a cloning term for account (account) in Kompasioner. Although I do not understand what the purpose is and how someone cloned his account with different account profile information when it

Forest in Jokowi-JK Lap

Image source: Indonesia is a country blessed by God. The forest is one of His blessings. Hundreds of millions of hectares unfold, enveloping Mother Earth. Forest for life. Refreshing nature of Nusantara and Dunia. The lungs

5 Tips to realize an environmentally friendly wedding party

Image source: Not only heralded as a slogan, the invitation to keep the environment has penetrated the life of urban communities. The call for eco-friendly is now beginning to become a trend that is also applied

Climb Mountain Is Not a Selfie Event, But Closer To Nature

Maybe now can be said to climb the mountain to be trending since the 5cm movie, do you? Climb Mountain is not an event for Selfie and share in social media just to say The present but

5 Tips to Prevent Foot and Shoes from Dermatologist

Image source: – Shoe odor must be a problem for everyone, not just the owner of the shoe, but also the people around who accept the stench. Well, do not let you be one who

Forest City and Forest City

Image source: When the forest is defined as a vast land overgrown with trees and is usually not maintained by people, then usually nobody takes care. This means yes there is no problem with this definition.

5 Tips to Lose Weight For Breastfeeding Moms

Image source: – During pregnancy, every woman must have gained weight around 10-15 kg, with 2-5 kg ??is fat stored during pregnancy. The fat is stored for the purpose of giving you more energy while

Climate Change Period In A Relationship

When I get to know the world it feels great to create for me, because the beauty is so real created. But as it is human there will be a period where we will begin to saturate.

5 Tips to grow healthy plants free of pesticides

Image source: People celebrate Earth Day in many ways. Some by cleaning houses and neighborhoods, some by greening their environment. But there is one way that can help green the earth as well as beneficial to

Forest and Paper Plant

Image source: Forests are the lungs of the world. The word is not a foreign thing or sentence we just heard. The forest is an area that is overgrown with trees, shrubs, nail plants and various