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Ease to Make Nagih. This Absolute Recipe You Can Make Your Own in Kosan

Image source: For you culinary lovers, certainly already not alien to the name of an absolute. This one food comes from Bandung and then famous to other areas such as Bogor, Depok and Cianjur. Now, not

4 Technology of the Children’s Work of the Nation Accepting the UN Award

Image source: Four technological works of the nation won the award of the United Nations (UN) in the global competition World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Prize 2017. Four of these technologies, iGrow My Own

Banyuwangi Student Demos Reject Development at the Peak of Mount Ijen

BANYUWANGI, – Dozens of students from the Student Executive Board (BEM) University August 17, 1945 Banyuwangi held a peaceful action. They rejected the construction at the peak of Mount Ijen Banyuwangi conducted BKSDA East Java. The

4 Stale Easy Food Ingredients

Image source:–toddler-finger-foods-toddler-snacks.jpg – There are foods that when not eaten can be stored and consumed again the next day, but some are not. There are those that must be stored in the refrigerator first in

Earth Facts Threatened Dangers Will Distract Your Attention from Gebetan!

Image source: The Earth is in danger is not a trivial thing. Studies reveal that at this time, the earth is entering the phase of extinction. This is proof you do not have to worry about

4 Quick and Reliable Tips to Bury the Move On

Image source: – Breaking up love or breaking up is very painful. However, you should not be too long drowning in sadness and regret. Burying the past is very important Ladies. This is to make

Bandung Polytechnic Students Make Carbon Converters So Oxygen

Citizen6, Bandung Another innovative young invention from Indonesia that deserves the appreciation and deserves support. They are Ilham Winar Nugroho (D-4 Industrial Automation Technique) and Anditya Rosyan Sawalludin (D-3 aeronautika), two students of Polytechnic of Bandung (Polban)

Earth Day 2012 Protect planet earth!

Image source: Earth Day or better known as Earth Day is always celebrated on April 22 every year. Earth Day is held around the world to raise awareness and appreciation of the natural environment on earth.

4 Powerful Ways to Fix Damaged or Unread Memory Cards

Image source: SD card (SDCard) or so-called external memory is one of the most needed devices today. Although there are many gadgets that have large internal memory, users still need a memory card (MicroSD) to store

Bad News Create Coffee Lovers! Half Coffee World Will Go In Year 2050, This Explanation

In the world, more or less coffee consumption reaches 5 billion cups per day. Especially in Indonesia, the existence of coffee may be the same generally with water. Coffee stalls are scattered, building economies as well as