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4 Plants that are Easy to Treat at Home

Image source:, Jakarta – Ornamental plants are one of the favorite plants to be planted around the house. Ornamental plants can also be placed in the house of course by planting in pots. Interior designers

Earth Day 2011, Good Friday

Image source: previously posted in my own blog: Solid Wise Solution Tags for The Day: Earth Day, Good Friday, Earth, Water, Water … Environment, Ecology, Green Education, Green Energy .. Agriculture, Mining, Wars, Conflicts, Markets, Sports,

4 Natural Ways to Overcome Dry Hair and Odor Due to Sweat and Sun

Image source: – When the weather is hot, for those of you who do a lot of outdoor activities or wearing hijab must also need to treat the hair properly so as not to smell

Back Captured Camera, Busway Lane Selected Entangled. Even Dare to Oppose the Direction

The progress of infrastructure itself is often the hope of many communities. Who does not want to have a good city, clean, neat, and orderly? But mental readiness is sometimes haunting. Once the infrastructure and development of

4 It Will Make Women Feel More Sexy Before Making Love

Image source: – One of the problems facing every woman is the lack of confidence in their bodies. Believe it or not this can affect the quality of sex with husband Lho Ladies. Confidence is

E Pluribus Unum, Bhineka Tunggal Ika American Version

Image source: Washington DC is the capital of the United States which is often also called Uncle Sam's country. The name of this city is taken from the name of the first president of the United

Awesome! This Unique Drone Made from Paper Plane!

Ever made a paper plane? Surely you know that there is nothing special about paper plane other than as a filler in the spare time. Unlike the paper plane you usually make, this paper plane can be

4 Human controversy that must be a robot so as not to be ‘eliminated’

Image source: Today we already feel the benefits of artificial intelligence. This is a very broad aspect, but from the lay side, we can see how the intelligence of virtual assistant apps like Siri and Google

Duterte apologizes for his army to attack Marawi

Image source: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte apologized to the refugees from Marawi because his military attacked their homes. This was delivered by Duterte at the evacuation site near Marawi. "I am so very sorry that this

Awesome! This Cube Can Fulfill All Your Smartphone Needs

As the function of today's smartphones are made to facilitate the life of its users, not infrequently you may use the smartphone for work and social affairs at once. Let's admit, there must be a lot of