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Climate Change Issues Through Film Media, Jakarta: A total of 30 elementary school students in the capital gathered in BlitzMegaplex atrium, Mal Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Thursday (10/11). They watched the launch of a climate-themed children's film, My Earth, by the National Council

5 Tips on maintaining the cleanliness of men’s private area

Image source: Keeping the body clean and dry will prevent any infections or diseases. Most men think that soap and water is enough to maintain the cleanliness of their private areas. However, according to experts, it

Forest and Most Indonesian National Park

Image source: All human beings on earth can not be separated from nature and environment, so the people of Indonesia can not be separated from nature and environment. This statement is a reality, that humans can

Climate Change Campaign Through Noru Comics

Citizen6, Jakarta The UK Government continues to commit itself to campaigning on climate change and its impact through various programs. This time the British Ambassador to Indonesia Stuart Bruce Campaign Climate Change Through the Noru Comics. Bruce

5 Tips Not to Be Concerned About Money Although Salary Pas-Pasan

Image source:×684.jpg – How ya feel free shopping without worrying the money will run out quickly? Hm, did you ever have such a wish, Ladies? I think life is more calm when it can meet

5 Tips Move On from Precious Former

Image source: Sweet memories the same he emang often a factor can not "Move On". Forgetting the ex-boyfriend was easy-easy for some people. Could not move on just to add the burden let alone for college

Focus Only The Struggle On Your Ascent

Image source:–awesome-quotes-inspiring-quotes.jpg Humans in the fate of living in pairs. No one disowned that. I as a man often hear the saying I will fight for anyone he, who accompanied me while climbing. Not that he's

Cleanliness of Air Circulation, The Characteristics of a Clean House

[/ caption = "source:"] [/ caption] Keeping the air clean inside the house is one of the important clean house features. As we know today many emerging factors that eventually cause air pollution from the environment

5 Tips for Choosing Electricity-Efficient AC For Home Appliances

Image source: Imagine how hot the temperature of the air in Jakarta, the taste-it seems lazy to live there. Air pollution here and there, will endanger the health of the family while living at home. Moreover,

Clean River Campaign in Jakarta

By: Atep Afia Hidayat – DKI Jakarta has a land area of ??661.52 sq km and a sea of ??6,977.5 sq km. Based on the 2010 Population Census has a population of 9.6 million people. It is