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Doomsday is coming

I assume that and humans can not avoid it. This is not a practice of a Christian Zeugen Jehovah Sektet Christian, or Mormone who always scare the human race with the coming of the Doomsday or the

Healthy Life Ala France

Image source: For more than a few decades, French people are considered healthier than those of other developed countries. In this case there are several secrets of health and slackness of the body of this French

7 Your Signs Are in a Toxic Workplace

Image source: Most of us spend at least 40 hours in the office during the work week. That is a big part of the time to spend with team members and co-workers. To stay productive and

Do this before and after the facial!

In addition to cleaning the face, facials also make skin free of dirt, pollution, and black spots. You can do your own facial or go to the salon. However, facials can not be done on all skin

7 Unique Breastfeeding Traditions in the World. Not Just Maternal and Baby Problems

Image source: If viewed from a biological perspective, the nature of breastfeeding looks the same everywhere, namely the process of breastfeeding to infants or small children through the mother's breast. The baby uses a sucking reflex

HEADLINE Power Up 5,500 VA, The Father’s Worry About This

Image source: The plan of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) and PT PLN (Persero) to simplify the classification of electricity subscribers to make people worry about making electricity bills rise. But it was

Do these 5 Important Changes in Yourself, So Your Reality in 2018 Will Be More Current

New Year 2018 coming to us soon, calendar 2017 should be replaced and removed to be replaced with a new calendar 2018. Days change day, and Year is definitely keep changing, time keep moving and time is

7 Traditional Chinese Tips To Get Pregnant Fast

Image source: – "Hi sis? How are ya doing? What is 'content' yet?" This question is common and must be asked by everyone when meeting with newlyweds. As if a mandatory question that never missed.

HEADLINE Anthrax Enter List of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Image source: Seoul – The threat from North Korea is not just a missile that is said to reach the United States, nuclear weapons, hydrogen bombs, or an active army that exceeds 6 million personnel. Horrific

7 Tips to Save Fuel Use

Image source: Gong officially subsidized fuel oil (BBM) increases. The government set the price of premium due to diesel fuel and rose by Rp 2,000 to Rp 6,500 per liter and diesel fuel increased Rp 1,000