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Do not Worry About Us. 4 Facts That Prove If Micin Is Actually Safe

Mang, the baksonya one not use micin yes! Micinnya already mixed directly into the gravy, Neng. How dong? Well If so do not be aja deh. Makasi ya Mang There are two types of Indonesians: those who

7 Tips Selfie For The Tuna Asmara Who Do not Want Look Singles

Image source: Singles have always been the victims of bully bully criminals, especially in social media. The cruelty to singles is often felt by the singles when they post their photos on social media. Deadly spicy

He Proliferates For Years, But His Life Only 6 Months

Image source: It takes a very long time in the process of metamorphosis (breeding in physical appearance after egg hatching) this type of insect, but its life is relatively short which is only 6 months. Yes,

Do not Wait for Your Acne Nongol. Do It To Prevent It!

Almost everyone has a problem with the name of acne. Although it looks trivial, acne is a skin disease that sucks. Every month there must be aja appear on the cheek, forehead, chin, or where aja as

7 Tips on organizing private gardens

Image source: Gardening is one of the perfect hobbies performed by men and women of all ages. Having a beautiful garden setting is also always an interesting topic to be listened to. For those of you

Hasto PDIP Mega Didik Jokowi Not with Imaging

Image source: PDIP Chairperson Megawati Soekarnoputri with Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo alias Jokowi increasingly 'intimate'. In fact, some time ago Mega and Jokowi choose to eat together in warteg after doing blusukan together. Deputy Secretary General

7 Technology Becomes The Most Important Mission In NASA’s History

Image source: NASA, is a state-owned space agency United States. NASA has also become one of the world's qibla as a research and a variety of matters concerning outer space. NASA itself has done various important

Do not Use Smartphone at Gas Station, Why Yes

When you stop at a gas station or gas station to refuel your vehicle, you will find some restrictions. Some restrictions are prohibited from smoking, prohibited photographing, and using a mobile phone or smartphone. Why can not

7 Smart Tips on Caring for the Rug to Stay Clean and Durable

Image source:, Jakarta Carpets become the choice of many people to beautify the home decor while enjoying its function as a floor mat. In order for the house more beautiful and comfortable residents, it requires

Hashim resigns from his post in Ragunan Wildlife Park

Image source: JAKARTA, – The head of the Supervisory Board of the Regional Public Service Agency (BLUD) Ragunan Wildlife Park (TMR), Hashim Djojohadikusumo resigned from the position he has held for about 1.5 years it