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Do not Underestimate, This Reasons Home Must Always Clean! – Got a habit of lazy cleaning the house and let the house fall apart and dusty? If yes, from now on try to diligent-diligent cleaning the house and make sure that the house is always

7 Signs If Your Husband is a soul mate

Image source: – Married, but does not guarantee that you are more confident that your husband is your soul mate. Why does this often happen? Women do tend to be always curious and wondering, and

7 Nighttime Professional Photo Tips with Smartphones

Image source: Many unique things that we can make at night. Unfortunately, most smartphone cameras are not good at shooting photos at night. What's the difference between shooting after sunset and what are nighttime photo tips

Do not Underestimate, It Benefits Pumpkin – Who does not know the pumpkin? Iconic fruit is often identified with Halloween party celebration is a plant that comes from the Americas. However, in Indonesia alone this fruit is quite easy to find really,

Harvest Festival 13

Image source: One day Desa Plaugeran held a Harvest Festival every January 13th. This festival invites all farmers in the village to donate some of the harvest to be cooked and eaten together. That morning, Merry

7 Most Unique and Lunar Smartphones in 2016

Image source: Unveiling a smartphone with a unique design or ability is a challenge for smartphone manufacturers. On the one hand, the rapid development of smartphones can make the market saturated if not followed by new

Do not Underestimate, Air Pollution Can Also Be Deadly!, Jakarta Air pollution can cause death. World Health Organization data (WHO) says, one in eight deaths worldwide due to air pollution. Recent reports show, air pollution kills 7 million people in 2012 so this is a

Harrison Ford vs. Zulkifli Hasan (Minister of Forestry)

Image source: Plantations around Riau, owned by the two giant pulp and paper producers, Asia Pacific Resources International Holdings Ltd. (APRIL) and Asia Pulp and Paper (APP). Popular species for pulp, Acacia Mangium, plantations are susceptible

7 Fascinating Spots in Baluran National Park, Little Africa in Java Land

Image source: Holds the title of Africa van Java, making Baluran National Park located in Situbondo regency, East Java as one of the dream destinations for tourists. Besides enjoying the scenery of the wilderness and the

These 3 Future Technologies Can Save the World of Bill Gates Version

Image source: Bill Gates as we already know is a figure who has popularity, wealth and generous. Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft has been providing many ideas and innovations in many areas related to