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11 Lesser Popular Courses This Apparently Needed in Second Round Seconds CPNS Selection 2017

Image source:×503/2cf4110ed5c94cc94ab069a97778fbd9/32588460-2-440-OVR-1.gif Starting on 5 September 2017 yesterday, the Government re-open the second CPNS acceptance vacancy in 60 Ministries / Institutions and 1 provincial government ie North Kalimantan Province. Asman Abnur, Menpan-RB, required as many as

Mini Forest in Household, Can!

Image source:, Jakarta Forest is a collection of plants and plants, especially trees or other woody plants, which occupy a large area. So, can the forest be made inside the home area? Bringing real forest

Head of Batam LH Agency Arrested Upon Receipt of Rp 25 Million

BATAM, – Head of Environment Agency Batam, initials DP (56) netted hand operation (OTT) after receiving money from AM (58), Director of PT Telaga Biru Semesta, as the winner of Tank Cleaning auction with a contract

11 Interesting Side of Ponorogo That Will Make You Want to Soon Slide There

Image source: East Java not only has the charm of nature and the extraordinary beach, cultural richness is also interesting to be excavated. Who do not know the art of reog, for example? Well, Ponorogo Regency

Merapi Eruption Effect 2010 Prevent Earth` Roasted` Sun

Image source: Volcanic eruptions often bring disasters that even claimed lives. On the other hand, natural phenomena that bring benefits to humans. One of them, preventing the Earth 'roasted' the heat of the Sun. Here's the

11 Interesting Activities You Must Try When Sopping to Surabaya

Image source: Hearing the word Surabaya, what comes to mind? The Battle of Surabaya on 10 November, the city's icon in the form of sharks and crocodiles, or maybe a typical jancok / jancuk cheer? The

He said Healthy, But Most Drink Green Tea Just Danger – One of the healthy drinks and is known to boost immunity and has antioxidants that can counteract free radicals is green tea. This Japanese tea is mentioned is one of the healthiest drinks in the

11 Inspiration of Mini Ornamental Plants For Work Desk; Banish Galau and Make Hearts Flower

Image source: Guys, what is it on your desk or your desk now? What is a photo? Jar of snacks? Favorite books? Or ornamental plants? Yup, some people put the ornamental plant as a property that

Mangrove forests for Humans

Image source: As an archipelagic country, Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest mangrove forest in the world. Mangrove forest has an important role and many benefits both directly for the environment and indirectly

Hary Tanoe, Ironically Himself Struggling in Politics but Dragged Mobile Case 8

JAKARTA, – MNC Group owner, Hary Tanoesoedibjo feel not threatening Chief of Sub-Directorate Investigator Yulianto Young Special Criminal Criminal. According to Hary, he did only convey his views or opinions to Yulianto. "If I say intervention,