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11 Days Traveling to Washington and New York

Image source: Traveling in February both to America and the northern hemisphere of season 4 is not really the right time, but what can be said wong can be a free invitation yes iyalah wrote, right

11 Best Cheap Power Bank Capacity Over 10000mAh

Image source: When in a place on the beach, mountain, or forest; Large capacity power banks are the right choice. Especially in the era of the Internet of Things is everything began to depend on the

Mangrove Forest – Neglected Savior

Image source: But hope to re-promote public awareness, especially young people of Indonesia to the existence of Mangrove forest always exist. Is Kesemat (a community initiated by environmental activists based on Diponegoro University campus) is still

Hanging Train Will Be Built in Ijen Crater. Wow, Can Make Banyuwangi More Cool!

Which traveler does not know Ijen Crater? Both domestic and foreign tourists must have heard a lot of natural beauty. Every day, the attractions that enter the district of Banyuwangi is never empty of visitors. About hundreds

10 WiFi Dangers to Human Health, Including Destructive SPERMA!

Image source: Currently, WiFi is not a new and weird thing anymore. Almost all electronic devices use WiFi to connect to the internet. Starting from smartphones, tablets, laptops, even TV and smart fridge is also there

Habits and Cultures I Do not Like in America

This paper does not mean to discredit Americans, let alone country USA. This is merely telling me about some of the habits and cultures in America that I do not like. Its always depending on something. Obviously

Mandatory PC Game for Owners of Advanced PC Specifications

Image source: Do you have a sophisticated and latest PC spec? Means you must have the following games that will challenge your PC's specifications to its maximum ability to release the best graphics quality of the

10 Ways To Make You Always Have Money To Set Aside For Future Savings

Image source: Since childhood we are always taught Father, Mother, and Teacher-Mother to save. Some are saving money from pigs from the ground, some are tucking money under clothes, until dues are required at school. Unfortunately,

Guarantee availability, energy-saving movement again echoed

The Indonesian Conservation and Energy Efficiency Society (MASKEEI) held the Second National Conference at the Lagoon Garden Room Hotel Sultan today, Wednesday (6/11). The event discussed national action plans directly to achieve Sustainable Development Objectives (TPB), specifically

10 Virtual Reality Games That You Must Try Before 2016 Ends!

Image source: VR (Virtual Reality) Technology Industry this year is busy to discuss, the competition is felt in the manufacture of VR devices are safe and comfortable for loyal users. In the ranks of the currently