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8 Creations of Sold Recipes Prescription Not Sold in the Market. Fairly Create a Food Business!

Image source: Have you heard the menu of meatball penyet? The full recipe is here! Almost all people who live in the land of Java and surrounding areas who know the name penyas. This food menu

Dying to Find Science, Yuk

Regret is always present at the end, if at the beginning of his name the opening, the sentence that was originally spoken of the elders in my life, especially my father and my teacher. At first the

8 Cool Game Augmented Reality You Need to Play in 2017

Image source: Who does not know the Pokemon GO game that was popular really a few months ago? Until now it is still widely played, but it is not as popular in its new times, because

Heliotherapy, Sun for Therapy

Image source: HELIOTERAPI has been known since ancient Greece. This term is used to describe the importance of sunlight for life, especially for healing therapy. It is Niels Finsen who successfully handles skin tuberculosis with ultraviolet