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10 Unique Gadgets That You Need When Going Back on Vacation

Image source: Vacation would be a very enjoyable time. Unfortunately, almost everything in this world must have an end, including a holiday. The end of the holiday is certainly a return to reality aka daily routine

Make Money From YouTube With These 5 Video Types!

Image source: Making money via YouTube is no longer a public secret. Already many of the industry players who have proven the efficacy of YouTube sites in making money. Are you interested in making money from

Great Tips Play DomiNations for Beginners

Dominations, a game that is in demand on the Google Play Store is now starting to get attention where players are looking for tips, tricks, strategies to cheat Dominations. This time Jalan Rat will give you some

10 Unbelievable Facts Of Intel That You Did not Know

Image source:×297-pbm.jpg Did you know that computers originated from integrated sircuit development? It is this semiconductor that allows a computer to be made with the right size for use by us. Intel is a leading semiconductor

Lost and I Just Know!

Image source: After bathing, Mika stood in front of the glass to get ready to go to the office. He uses a honey-scented handbody. When rubbing into his hands, Mika was surprised, seeing something odd with

Government’s Caution to Prevent Forest Fires by 2017, Jakarta – The government has issued a number of measures to prevent forest and land fires by 2017. This preparation includes budgeting, human resource mobilization and law enforcement. "Firstly, it is expected that the Minister of

10 Trivial Things That You Can Give Your Hands, After All Helping Others Do not Need to Be Heroes

Image source: Humans are created with a variety of differences, diverse abilities and privileges. But one thing is the same from mankind on earth, they can not live alone, because the life of each other matter

10 Tourist Destinations That Will Go From Earth. Visit Before It’s True History!

Image source: Climate change has made tremendous changes on earth in the last century. Sea level rise, melting of ice at the poles and extreme weather so some symptoms to watch out for together. The impact

Good News For All of Us, Now Tongsis Comes for Laptop!

The phenomenon of selfie that had become a trend in 2014 has a significant impact in the technology industry. Smartphones with advanced front camera support are increasingly flooding the market. And do not forget, selfie supporter applications

Living Comfortably With Electricity

Image source: [/ caption] If you hear the word "Power Save", what's in shadow Kompasianer? Does that mean we intermittently turn the existing electrical & electronic devices on? Although the action was not wrong (even still