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Due to the Fart of Sembembangan, A Student Got 8 Stitches in the Head

Image source: – Fart is one form of a healthy body metabolism. People who smoothly fart signify a good digestive system. In fact, the disease can be identified through the smell of fart. In the

The 5th Day of Protest Action in Iran, The Victims Killed 20 People

Image source: Since Thursday, December 28, 2017, Iran began to be hit by mass action, initially in the city of Mashad then spread to various major cities in Iran. Until the 5th day, on January 1,

Due to Play Pokemon GO, Japanese Trucker This Truck 2 Women

Image source: Entering the third month of Pokemon GO officially released and played many people, has many unique events that occur due to Pokemon GO. This time a scary incident occurred in Japan due to playing

It’s What’s Happened And Why It Shows on All Existing Tvs

Is this what the heck? And why is he always present every TV in our house all this time? Introduce, it is a stardard test / test card with a type of color bar and is the

Due to global warming, the year 2100 pilgrimage to eat many victims

Image source: Recent research on global warming gives surprising results. How not, less than a hundred years more countries in the Persian Gulf region, around the Arabian Peninsula, almost impossible inhabited by humans. Yes, scientists from

Teeth More White and Strong Thanks to This Natural Material

Image source: – Gear is one part of the body that can make a person look more impressive, more dazzling and attractive. When a person has white teeth, clean and healthy, of course this will

Its Time for Eco Life Be Green

Currently, the issue of climate change continues to be a concern. Climate change means changing the physical condition of the earth's atmosphere, among others, the temperature and distribution of rainfall that have a wide impact on various

Due to Climate Change, 7 The Island Threatened ‘Gone’ Forever

Image source:, Jakarta – Exploring an archipelago full of natural beauty, white sand beaches, beautiful coral reefs, and a clear expanse of sea water, often a holiday option for marine lovers. Before it's too late,

It’s The Reason Why You Do not Throw Trash Smudely

You must often see dong in the streets there are often words "Prohibited Trash Waste"? Surely even though there is such writing you will still like to throw garbage carelessly right? No hypocrite sure I used to

Cold Water VS Warmer, Which Is Better For Toothbrush

Image source: – Brushing your teeth is not only the origin of brushing your teeth and oral cavity. If the way to brush your teeth is not true, you will not be able to clean