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Tear Gas, Toilet Tissue, and Black Horse, It’s in the European Cup!

Image source: Group B match in 2016 between England and Russia at Stade Veldrome, Marseille, France on Saturday (11/06/2016) local time may continue to be imprinted in the memory of the ball enthusiast. After the

As a result of smoke from Indonesia, Malaysia sets the emergency condition

Image source: Prime Minister of Malaysia Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak establishes a haze emergency status in Muar and Ledang, Johor. The thickness of smoke in Malaysia due to forest fires in Sumatra. The emergency stipulation

It’s The Profit So People Are Technology Literate

The development of technology today is growing rapidly. People, both big companies and startups, are competing to make something that makes life easier for humanity, creating innovations that we never imagined before. Well, rapid technological developments are

Teachers Are Not Always True Graded Can Not Be Graduated High School, Can Only Be Scholarship At America’s Best University

Image source: The story of Egyptian immigrant youth lives will open our eyes that education should not always be obtained from formal schools. Almost never in school, he made it to Columbia University, the fourth best

Aquaculture vs Climate Change

Image source: Romi Novriadi Batam Marine Aquaculture Center Directorate General of Aquaculture Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia E-mail: The meeting of marine and fisheries policy makers through the OUR

It’s The List Of Those Who Called Earn Money E-KTP Projects

JAKARTA, – Many names mentioned in the indictment cases of e-ID card corruption. Dozens of members of the House of Representatives Commission II period 2009-2014 called receiving fees from money budgeted in the e-ID card project.

Al Gore, Film and Climate Crisis

Image source: Last night, with my friends Blogger got a special invitation to watch one of Paramount Pictures Documentary film titled "An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power" at XXI Epicentrum, Jakarta, Monday (8/21/2017). When you first

Tales About Rice, Dewi Sri and Respect for Nature

Image source: The thing I always remember in childhood, when not eating food, Mother always advised to spend all the rice without remaining. According to the mother, if not spent then the rice will cry or

Al Gore urges Japanese businessmen to prevent global warming

Image source: Former US Vice President Al Gore has urged Japanese business leaders Monday to lead global warming prevention because of his expertise in energy efficiency. "Our planet is now 'feverish' and this is not going

It’s The Importance of Parents’ Role in Gadget Usage For Kids

Currently technology has grown rapidly. One very popular technology is the gadget. With the gadget can help all human affairs. Gadgets are no longer found in adults only, but also used by children. Here, of course, the