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World Environment Day Revitalization Article 33 (3) of the 1945 Constitution

Image source: [/ caption] The World Environment Day commemoration which is regularly held every June 5 is a program to increase global awareness of the importance of positive environmental action for all people in the world.

KKK Fight Corruption in the Forestry Sector, Mataram – The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) continues to observe and strive to prevent corruption in the forestry sector. A number of measures were taken by the agency antirasuah. KPK Deputy Chairman Zulkarnain said, so far

World Energy Day Urgency of Energy Efficient Movement in Broad Scale Development

Image source: Energy Saving Architecture In recent years, there have been great efforts to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with the aim of mitigating adverse impacts on human health and slowing global climate change. One of

Kira-Kira Who’s the Match Replace Position Nabilah JKT48 Of 9 Girls, Which Your Choice

The shocking news came back from the sky of Indonesian entertainment. JKT48 girlband fans must be willing to lose one of his idol, Nabilah Ratna Ayu Azalia. Nabilah JKT48 has just resigned from its membership in JKT48.

Working Mothers Have Worries Twice Larger Than A Father

Image source: – Being a career woman is a dream of many women. Can meet the needs of his own life and help the family economy provides a sense of pride in a woman. A

Kingkong Comes Mosquitoes Lost

The term may be familiar to coastal inhabitants along the northern coast, a title of a mosquito coil product with a picture of a pink bean with a banana and grab the jargon "", you can buy

Wisdom of the Twilight Travel

Image source: Dusk began to look grim, the sun began to dim and the rush of cars on the streets still decorate the streets, air pollution in the daytime began to inhaled the leaves without showing

Kinds Of Women Body Care

Beautiful does not have to be expensive, there is a simple way as a treatment. Besides beautiful is not necessarily white, have a clean and well groomed face is also included in the beautiful class. In addition

Wisdom Natural Phenomenon Normal Distribution

Image source: Look around our neighborhood. If the height of the children in a school is measured, the highest number and the lowest is always of little value. Likewise in a human community, the richest and

Kids Zaman Now Nobar G30SPKI

Movie G30S / PKI will be played again. The old nostalgia, the young impatient. I myself have never experienced the movie's 1984 release. I was born in 2003, and the movie was banned in 1998. Blessings or