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Komodo Island-Journey of Love

Source: Pink Beach (Doc: Komodo Island – Journey of Love Source: Pink Beach (Doc: If you ask anyone living in Indonesia about life around these parts, everyone will have a different answer. Everyone had different

Komnas Animal Protection, Should

KOMNAS ANIMAL PROTECTION, HELP? Hardi Baktiantoro, Executive Director of the Center for Orangutan Protection. Surely, this will collide with the authority of the Ministry of Forestry, especially if the issue is linked to wild animals. In order

Koizumi Emphasizes Alternative Energy Policy

Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi stressed on Friday that Japan should seek to increase the use of alternatives to oil in its future energy policy, a step driven by the recent surge in crude oil prices to record

Kodiklat TNI AD Plant 115,000 Trees

BANDUNG, – Thousands of personnel from the ranks of Command and Doctrine and Training Command (Kodiklat) Army, Thursday (3/1/2013) planted 115,250 trees in an area of ??50 hectares. Planting is done in the training area of

Knowing the Flora and Fauna of South Malang Beach with Impala UB

AMED's first oriented public orientation 40 was the introduction of social science, with a team of 20 people composed of teams of 3 Ordinary Members, and 17 Young Members. This scientific social recognition location was conducted in

Knowing the Five Things That Can Cause The End of Java Javanism With Pertamina

Indonesia is rich in flora and fauna as a gift from God Almighty. Unfortunately this wealth is not well preserved. Human greed is the main cause of the destruction of biodiversity. The wealth of flora and fauna

Knowing Sore Throat, Causes And Symptoms – Ever felt a very itchy throat, tend to get sick or like burning? If so, chances are you're experiencing a sore throat. Mmm, what is it? Quoted from page, sore throat is an inflammation

Knowing Brown Planthopper, The Hama Padi

Brown planthopper (Nilaparvata lugens) is one of the most dangerous and harmful rice pests, especially in Southeast Asia and East Asia. Usually brown planthopper attacked rice plants aged 15 hst and pests of planthopper can form two

Know Tuberculosis, Jakarta Tuberculosis (TB) is a contagious infectious disease that can attack various organs, especially the lungs. TB disease is the biggest health problem in the world, after HIV so it should be taken seriously. According to

Know the World Writing Demands Or Needs

Khairul Azan (Lecturer STAIN Bengkalis & Chairman DPD GAMa Riau Bengkalis Regency) From birth to the world basically humans must be dealing with the name of literacy. Humans are taught to read, write and so on. Literary