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Know the United States Elections

The United States is a super-powerful country for us in Indonesia. Various things that come from Uncle Sam's country, would be very interesting to us. One of the things that is also an important point of interest

Know the Long Tomato History

The word "tomato" for us is probably far from foreign. Fruit plants that have the scientific name Solanum lycopersicum can be encountered everyday in all kinds of dishes, whether in raw form, sauce, juice, and others. Naturally,

Know the Impact of Mist Smog for Pregnant Women, Jakarta Smoke haze may pose a risk of miscarriage early in pregnancy, says a study. "We found that both ozone and particles in the air are associated with an increased risk of early pregnancy loss," said

Know the Benefits of Equestrian

In riding women have a special advantage, where in fact women who have a high emotional level, but while riding can be as a natural anti-depressant. In this case riding can train to manage from the romantic

Know Pine Plant

Pine plants are included in the classification of seed plants. Plant seed or Spermatophyta (Greek, sperm = seed, phyton = plant) is a group of plants that have a characteristic, namely the existence of an organ in

Know Massage Hot Stone Massage

This time I invite readers to get to know one type of massage that is currently getting popular, although history actually records a long time ago some civilizations such as Indian tribes in America, Egypt, Japan and

Know How To Dress Up And Face Care A la Korea VS West, You Choose Which Which

Can not be denied again, the use of make-up into a powerful way to accentuate facial features owned by a girl. Currently, most Indonesian girls are not only limited to cosmetology inspired by Hollywood movies, but also

Know Environmental Communication

Do not know, then do not love. It is unethical if we will go deeper into environmental communication but do not understand the real definition of environmental communication. According to Deddy Mulyana in his book Introduction to

Know Climate Change

Climate change is not a new phenomenon for some people. For the readers of Alamendah's must have known a lot about climate change. But for people who live in the backward area (behind the curve) has not