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BlackBerry Allows Enterprise of Things to Grow with Mobile Security Platform

With an estimated 20.8 billion devices to be connected by 2020, the Internet of Things is changing the way we live and Enterprise of Things is changing the way we work. BlackBerry Limited announces a feature update

Black Seeds Energy Saver

Lately, Indonesia has often been struck by the scarcity of fuel availability, including some big cities in Indonesia whose stock of fuel stocks are running low, and also the production of increased motor vehicles or cheap cars

Biwa, Rare Fruits from Simalem

Do you know the fruits of biwa? Perhaps not many people are familiar when asked the fruit biwa, unlike apples, grapes, kiwi and other imported fruit. You will very rarely find this fruit in a famous fruit

Bishnoi, the Environment Squad that does not shrink from Animal Husbandry

Bishnoi is famous as "the first environmental lover in India" is a Hindu sect found in Thar Desert, Rahajasthan, and northern India. The name Bishnoi (bish means twenty, noi means nine) has teachings derived from the 29

Bioplastic Skin Waste Shrimps and Avocados, Alternative Replacement of Environmentally Friendly Plastics

In the hand of chemistry students of Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) of Airlangga University, avocado waste and shrimp leaf waste are renovated into bioplastics as environmentally friendly plastic substitutes. Five students who synthesize eco-friendly bioplastics

Biography of Nurhayati Subakat; The Owner of Halal Cosmetics Brands Favorite The Today’s Girls

There is a story full of inspiration, how Nurhayati Subakat can build Wardah products so known as one of the best-selling cosmetics. Nurhayati Subakat, he was born in Padang Panjang City, West Sumatera on 27 July 1950.

Biodegradable Plastic Bags vs Recycling

[/ caption] Plastic bags being surprisingly cheap and durable make it a viable utility option for many supermarkets and convinient stores alike. But these bags are not well recycled properly and can be a liability to the

Bio-bean, Start up Fuel Producer from Coffee Batch

If you like to drink coffee, or have a coffee shop, coffee shop, and restaurant that also many serve coffee, do not waste coffee pulp. Because the coffee grounds can be used as a new energy source.

Bingung Mau Vacation Where To Visit Just 9 Most Beautiful Gardens in Indonesia This!

Traveling is necessary and important for one's psychological health. Especially for you who every day faced with the problems of life that is not easily solved. As long as the weekend, refresh your mind and mind with

Bimtek Socialization of South Sulawesi Satker Filing System Guidance Manual LHK

Bimtek Socialization of South Sulawesi Satker Filing Manual Scope LHK Scope (document P3E Suma) P3E Suma, Makassar-Technical Guidance for Socialization of PermenLHK no. 44 / Menlhk / Setjen / KUM.1 / 5/2016 About the Guidelines of Archival