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BI Tightens Environmental Banking Rules

Bank Indonesia will improve regulation on banks in the provision of environmentally sound credit with the obligation to provide environmental audit reports, said Bank Indonesia Deputy Governor Siti Ch Fadjrijah. "The provisions of PBI 7/2/2005 have stipulated

Beyond The Heritage – Batik used to be known as the equivalent of kebaya, but now also influential in the world ready-to-wear homeland. Name Edward Hutabarat, a man who is familiarly called Edo, often linked as a fashion designer

Beware, Men Who Become Single Sons Tend To Be Cheats! – Being born with many siblings or not, it can affect how a person's character will be formed. And if you want to avoid a potentially cheating man, maybe you need to know if he has

Between Really Love or Obsession

This feeling really can not be understood. I know I really want you to be mine. I want to come back with you like that time. These feelings, can this be called love? or just an obsession?

Between Global Warming, Climategate and the Global Economy

Around the end of November, the incident of email correspondence between scientists at the Climate Research Unit (CRU) in the public or better known as "Climategate" has given a little bit of the unique facts about global

Between Global Warming and Energy

Global warming or we call it GW has become a stranger in our ears. Its globalization makes this one issue raised to the scope of the country and even internationally. The issue was for the first time

Between Economic Growth or Environmental Damage

Humans not only balance the rights and obligations in utilizing natural resources, but also must preserve the sustainability and sustainability of the natural environment. Humans must also limit their behavior in utilizing the natural environment so that

Between Cool and Miris, This Company Sells Packaging Air. Nowadays, Breath Only Pay

We are already familiar with the term beverage or packaged food. But what about air packaging products? If food and beverage packaging, we can easily imagine softdrink or soft drinks box and snack that used to be

Bete See Ads Here How Easy to Block Ads on Android YouTube Apps

We probably already know the conventional way to block ads using the AdAway app and AdBlock Plus does not have any effect for the YouTube app on Android. Until now, if we want to play video without

Going to Singgalang Mountain Lumut Forest

THE BEST PLACE to enjoy the moss forest (Bryophyta) at Singgalang Mountain is by walking a little to the north (right) Telaga Dewi, following the cables and power lines of PT PLN, ending on a hill which