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Bentu-shape Environmental Damage

Environmental problems are human activities, in activities that threaten humans and their environment. Environmental problems occur sequentially from human activities and cause long-term environmental problems cycles. Environmental problems form in the form of environmental damage that occurred.

Beneran Kamu Feel Faithful Check Your Loyalty Pas View These Images

I'm faithful you know! Every corner is there Are you sure fighter warrior? Sure if you are not tempted by anything else besides him who faithfully nemenin you? Really? Hipwee so curious deh, your level of loyalty

Bekasi, Climate Change Factor or Medsos Issue

Bekasi, a satellite city of DKI Jakarta is now crowded in the medsos to enter the national mass media on the internet and on TV. Udah not a lie anymore hell actually, kalo spelled out the planet

Bekasi Not Just Jomblonya Aja Need Attention, Water Condition is also very alarming

As the area most often dibully because of damaged roads and traffic jams, hot temperatures compared to cities in Jabodetabek (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi), not to mention plus garbage everywhere and floods that often come

Beijing’s smoke is getting worse, half the private cars are banned out

The smoke disaster in the capital city of Beijing, China, got worse. Today, Tuesday (8/12), the Chinese government declared the situation entered the emergency phase, residents must wear masks, hundreds of schools temporarily closed. The level of

Beginning of September, Golkar Party Determine Election Candidates NTT

KUPANG, – Daily Chairman of DPD Golkar Party of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) Mohammad Ansor said the determination of the candidate for governor of NTT from the party bearing the banyan tree will be determined on

Before The Flood Reflections on the Destruction of the World due to Global Warming

Before The Flood is a movie title produced by National Geographic played by Leonardo Dcaprio. It is a documentary that recounts the journey of an actor and environmental activist who was recently appointed UN Peacekeeping Ambassador. As

Beda Sutiyoso, Foke, Jokowi until Ahok as Governor of DKI

As a long-time resident of Jakarta, I have experienced the leadership of the Sutiyoso era until Ahok today. Even for Foke to Ahok I've met to advocate a problem, ranging from clean air, transportation systems to safe

Beautiful Gardening with Hydroponics

[/ caption] Some people think that gardening is difficult and complicated. Especially for women, gardening is considered to dirty the hands, damage the hands, and can be infected with germs or bacteria in the ground. But these

Beautiful Fruit Flowers from Sidomulyo

Younger sister suggested when hunting ornamental plants preferably in the gardens owned by farmers alone or in the green house located in the yard of their homes. That way we can get a cheap price. But if