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Balada Green School Competition

The school where I work has just joined the Green School Festival. From the name, surely you will think the activity is a greening movement in the school environment. In general, this activity is an attempt to

Bak ‘Inviting the Devil’, 2 Horrible Predictions of the Future of Humans

Washington, DC – The world has witnessed a variety of catastrophic and devastating events: the 2004 Aceh Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, also the rising ISIS that threatens the world. Two national security experts and anti-terrorism believe that the

Bahasa Sulawesi Barat ‘Found’ in New York

, while engrossed in college assignments, a colleague knocked on the door. With enthusiasm, he asked, "Eri, you speak Mamuju language?" Immediately I answered no because never heard. Then I asked him back, "So what's with that

Bahagiaku Engraved Behind the Twilight

Dusk.. Twilight and you .. I love to enjoy the beauty of nature with my way .. Dusk.. I hope the twilight will bring us together again sometime later .. Enjoy a beautiful twilight view with ..

Ba’da Nang mBreksi Only, If Want, Sleman One of the keys to successful development of tourism destinations is attraction, in addition to access and amenitas. When you find an interesting attraction, presented in a place that ciamik, the tourists would be interested.

Baby in the Middle of Pollution Capital

the story of a baby who lives with smoke Jakarta. as the twilight begins to fade away this eye is presented a very pitiful stockup and tears this sense. Babies aged about 8 months were being swung

Atambua Surya Friendship Basketball Competition

Citizen6, Atambua: In teenagers, especially high school students at this time the enmity and even brawl between high school students can not be inevitable. In big city Jakarta, for example, brawl between students becomes a new trend

ASUS Z2 Poseidon, Sangar Smartphone with Gahar Battery!

Smartphone made by technology giant from China, Asus increasingly offers advanced features. That's if you see the concept that appears related to Asus latest products that will be presented. From this concept, Asus Z2 Poseidon is rumored

ASUS X540, Laptop Widescreen, High Specs, with Cheap Prices!

Having a laptop with high specifications, performance, and maximum performance, and a cheap price is certainly a dream of everyone. Especially with the big screen, elegant design, and lightweight when carried everywhere. Well, all the advantages are

ASUS ROG G752VSK, Gaming Laptop Spec Spek Price Just 39 Millions

Entering the middle of 2017, ASUS re-issued a variety of new gaming monster that can be owned by gamers. The latest product from the Republic of Gamers series this time is the ASUS ROG G752VSK. ASUS ROG