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ASUS ROG G20AJ, Energy-saving Gaming PC with MONSTER SPEAK!

Gaming PCs with high specifications are now getting attracted by the public. Gaming PC users in Indonesia are also increasing. They are high-class gamers and graphic designers who need a PC with high specifications in running their

Asops Kapolri asked for forest fire case no SP3

Asops Kapolri, Insp. Gen. Pol M Iriawan led an apple of Integrated Task Force on Forest and Land Fire Prevention and fire location in Ogan Ilir District, South Sumatra, Tuesday (15/8). Iriawan appreciates TNI and Police in

Arya Ondrio, Young Achievers Inventors of Zeolite Stone Benefits

Not just physically cool, this young man has a pretty dilute brain. The proof, at a young age, M Arya Ondrio (20) has been able to examine the usefulness of zeolite stone to overcome the limitations of

Artist, The Meaningful Word is Different from the Kira People

In an English class, some students are divided into groups and they are told to write a topic on a small piece of paper their lecturers have given them. What they write will be a short discussion

Article Science of the State According to Aristotle

Who does not know the name of the philosopher from the western world called ARISTOTELEZ the most influential in the world in all the ages he was born in 384 bc. And given the nickname of the

Aroma Kemuning Enchantment in the Morning

Know yellow right? This plant body in the front yard of my house and the fragrance was like incense that spread to the side and front of my house. Kemuning or latinnya Murraya paniculata including tropical plants

Ardistia New York Presents Revival Latest Collection At IFW 2017 – Ladies, you like what kind of dress style, sporty, vintage, or art? If you like the style of dressing all three do not need to be confused to combine it to keep your style stylish.

Arab Spring, United States, and the Future of Democracy

[/ caption] Arab Spring. Of course we all have often met this terminology in various media information that we read. But what is the meaning of this terminology? What does it have to do with the United

AQUA Cares to Preserve the Source of Clean Water

Water is a very important need for our survival. In any activity we need water, from getting up to bed again. In fact, even though we do not eat all day but if we can still consume

April Becomes the Hottest Month, Scientists Declare Climate Emergency, Washington DC – April this year's temperature recorded the highest and made 2016 the hottest year ever recorded by history. Latest data released by NASA, said that the temperature in April 2016 warmer 1.11 degrees than