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Antibiotic Dangers For Children – Currently, children do tend to be easy and often have an infection. Usually parents think antibiotics will provide a fast treatment than other drugs. But in fact the infection can be caused by a virus

Anti-Aliasing and 6 Other Gaming Terms That You Must Know

You all must have played games, both traditional games, modern games, PC games, Android games, and many other games. When playing, you become aware of the Options or called Settings. Well, in the Options allows you to

Anti Mainstream, Beijing Make Dirty Air As Souvenir, Jakarta A number of studies prove that inhaling smoke in some Chinese cities can shorten your life expectancy, at least 25 months. Another study found that more than 4 million Chinese citizens have been diagnosed with

Anthropology of Malaria, Friendly to Ancient Diseases

Indonesia with an area of ??nearly 1.9 million square kilometers to become the 13th largest country in the world. Thousands of islands and very diverse ethnicities are both riches and challenges in this vast country. From Sabang

Anoa in Sulawesi Endangered!

Anoa rare animals that exist only in Sulawesi, is now threatened with extinction due to the impact of the development of PLTA Karama. Anoa is an animal of Sulawesi people's pride that live in many forests of

Anoa Fauna Typical Sulawesi Step Almost Extinct from Habitatnya

Anoa resembles a buffalo but mini body shape like a deer, its habitat is only in the Sulawesi, especially in southeast sulawesi and central sulawesi, the color is blackish brown. Anoa is made up of species, the

Anies Baswedan Compare Poverty in Jakarta with Regions

JAKARTA, – Candidate of Jakarta governor Anies Baswedan compares the poverty that occurred in the capital city with what happened in the region. According to Anies, the poverty of citizens in the capital city is very

Android and iOS Apps To Overcome Smartphone Addiction

Most people may already know the negative impact is too excessive using a smartphone. However, it must be acknowledged the development of an increasingly sophisticated smartphone and multi-function make our relationship with the smartphone more 'sticky'. Then,

Analysis of the American Revolution

Name: Dea Afisya Class: XI IIS 3 School: SMAN 16 BEKASI The American Revolution S Previously, the American Revolution was due to the desire of the people in America to be free of the British colonial government.

Analysis of the American Revolution (1774-1783)

According to my analysis. The American Revolution was a rejection of American colonists against British policies that greatly hurt the American colonists. The chronology, after the seven-year war between England and France, ended with the defeat of