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Incandescent Ball, 135 Years of Invention that Changed the World

How many times Thomas Alva Edison tried? The discovery of incandescent light bulbs is phenomenal and familiar to us. Until now we often read or hear teachers, motivators or speakers remember the events of this discovery, especially

Hurricane Sandy Lohns New York City

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Tuesday that Hurricane Sandy has killed at least 10 people, leaving hundreds of thousands without power and crippling the city's transportation system. The mayor also said he suspects the death toll

Hunting Pigs in the Forest of South Sumatra

Sulaiman (34) and his five friends are busy preparing ropes, wire meshes, wooden bars, and knives for hunting wild pigs. Tuesday (24/2) that afternoon, residents of Leban Akar, Talang Kelapa, Banyuasin, South Sumatra, is also complete luggage

Hunting for Clean Water in Dusk Situation

This year's drought may be a bit heavier than before. Temperatures and higher levels of drought, forcing residents to do more activities to get clean water. No exception in the cool green city like Cimahi. Right along

How we are about the environment

A friend, as he jogged by the small river near his home, caught a friend of his ustadz who was throwing a basket of garbage into the river. He jokes (roughly like this), Ustadz, tajri min tahtihal

How to Properly Transplant

[/ caption] In grafting plants, we must first know the type of plant that will be in the graft. Plants that can be grafted in general are plant berkambium and dicoty seed (seed split in two). The

How to Plant and Take Care of Trees

After we are inspired from the many writings, objects and phenomena about the tree as a source of life inspiration, then it is time we bring our love to the tree by planting and taking care of

How the hell How to Take Care of the Right Skin To Smooth

Many women in Indonesia who mistakenly think white skin can make a person look more healthy and beautiful. Not a few who are willing to spend more in order to get white skin. Various treatments and whitening

How the CIA Breaks Down a Country

The CIA is an American body in charge of ensuring that American interests in the international world are met. The CIA ensures the safety of American companies abroad, ensuring that other governments take sides with American interests,

How Sich Salaries Should Be Gained for Decent Living

[/ caption] Soon the fuel will go up, but the UMK has not been caught up yet, my friend said. Relax aja bro, keep thinking positive because the world has not doomed if the BBM up to