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How It’s Like to Have an MRI Examination

The modern medical world today is inseparable from a device called MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging), a sophisticated scanner on CT-Scan. I am writing this not because I am a doctor but this is just experience as a

How I Live in the Midst of the Forest

For 1 year and 3 months I served as a doctor of PTT in Bintuni Bay, West Papua. 1 year I serve in Bintuni Bay District and the remaining 3 months I serve in Puskesmas Tuhiba, one

How I Can Love the Moon, If I’ve Seen the Sun

The round earth is never alone, because it is filled with creatures, called animals and plants. They call it animals, something moving, and plants, something silent but alive. They are human beings, one part of the animal.

How Freon Damages the Ozone Layer

"Freon" chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) is a trademark of DuPont. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are organic compounds containing carbon, chlorine, and fluorine, produced as volatile derivatives of methane and ethane. A common derivative of hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFC), which contains hydrogen. The most

Hoping Face Jakarta Green

JAKARTA, The function of green open spaces in the pace of urban development often pushed by economic interests. In fact, green open space has an important role not only in the environmental and aesthetic dimensions of

Hoax News About John Cena Killed

For the fifth time, John Cena back to be the subject of conversation in the media because the news of his death is the false news (hoax). This time, John Cena was reportedly killed instantly in a

Highest Cholesterol-Lowering Fruit Most Powerful

There are many ways done by people with high cholesterol in lowering cholesterol, such as by regulating a healthy diet, one way to consume cholesterol-lowering fruit. Yes, fresh fruits can lower cholesterol in a natural way, although

High Buildings Must Save Energy and Environmentally Friendly

Some sources state that buildings or architecture are the ones that consume the most energy than other sectors such as industrial or transportation sectors. This logic makes sense because residential areas, commercial buildings, office buildings, or public

Here’s the Trash Pumps that Snares civil servants of the Environment

Jakarta – JU civil servant (PNS) who worked as a staff in Jakarta Environment Agency was caught red-handed (illegal levies). Within a month, JU can get Rp 12 million from the waste takers. Head of West Jakarta

Here’s the Face of the Earth When the Ice at the Pole Melts. Many Drowned Cities, Including Indonesia!

What is the condition of the earth if the polar ice melts? Due to global warming, every year sea water rise drastically. Snow in the mountains was getting melted. Well, if the polar ice melt also come,