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Here’s the Cool Appearance of Trans Sumatra’s Air Toll, Jakarta A number of Trans Sumatera toll roads have entered the construction phase. Although not entirely functional, some parts and toll roads were already visible form. Here's the picture seen from the air, Based on photos

Here’s How to See Holidays and Red Date 2016 on Google Calendar

By 2016, guys! What are the plans for the next year? Surely you have prepared many resolutions that must be achieved in this year, right? Hopefully your resolution in this year can be achieved yes. Speaking of

Here’s How To Protect Skin Face From Air Pollution, Jakarta Did you know that exposure to pollution can be obtained not only outdoors (outdoor), for example, sourced from motor vehicle fumes and building materials, but can also pollution obtained from the indoor (indoor) that comes

Here’s how to Open Netflix Blocked by the Government of Indonesia

You guys like to watch movies? If yes definitely know the site where the most popular streaming film is Netflix. In fact maybe one of you have often watched a favorite movie through this Netflix streaming service.

Here’s How to Display More Song Lyrics You Hear

Emang hell already a lot of lyric apps songs that immediately appear on the screen of your phone when you tune Music Player, for example musiXmatch and minilyric. You can karaokean through hp without fear of wrong

Here’s How to Add Geolocation Sticker Jakarta in Instagram Stories

Instagram has launched Stories feature since half a year ago, precisely in August 2016. Snapchat-like service is growing rapidly and much preferred by users of Instragram. Well the good news for you enthusiast Instagram Stories, Facebook photo

Here’s How Gadget Rays Damage the Eyes, – You must already know that the eyes are constantly exposed to blue rays of gadgets like smartphones can damage the health of the eye. Especially with the growing and increasingly sophisticated technology and everyone needs

Here’s How Can Stayie Self Although Full Memory Smartphone

Internal memory capacity on most recent smartphone-smartphone output has large storage space. However, it in fact is also directly proportional to the increasing needs of smartphone users will be large memory capacity. Especially with our tendency to

Here’s a Portrait of the Differences of Life in South Korea and North Korea. Contrast Once Yes The View!

South Korea and North Korea are two conflicting neighboring countries since 1953. Understandably, the two countries share a different ideology. If South Korea is modern with the principle of capitalist economy and a republic, North Korea still

Here Is The Content Of The First Indonesian Ones Made Small Obama

JAKARTA, – Former President of the United States Barack Obama was first doing the task of making up while sitting on the bench third grade at the El Fransiskus Asisi SD, Tebet, South Jakarta, tens of