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Is Hard to Apply for a United States Visa

The American visa for some of these people is the most difficult Visa to get, unlike any other country, as long as preparing a complete document, let alone a good newspaper account will be easier, and just

Is Earth in Big Danger The Famous Scientist Warns Us To Immediately Leave Earth

You guys who watch the biography of Theory of Everything must understand who this scientist is Stephen Hawking. Launched from Time, Hawking warned mankind to leave Earth soon in the next 100 years. Suddenly scientists and various

IoT-Based Air Quality Measurer is Ready to Present in Indonesia

Edimax Technology's leading network providers will attend the Asia IoT Business Platform in Jakarta on August 78, 2017. Theme themed Understanding the Needs of IoT Indonesian Business Platform is held at JW Hotel. This time, Edimax will

Infants of Alagille Syndrome are treated by PMI Solo

After 3 months of treatment at RSCM (Dr Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital) and St. Carolus Hospital, Calista Ramadan, one of the surviving twin infants with alagille syndrome, was finally taken home to Solo, Central Java, on Monday (14/7)

Indonesia’s climate disaster cost USD 44 trillion

Cities in Indonesia will face the threat of losses due to climate disaster in 2025 with an estimated loss of up to 44 trillion US dollars per year, said Ari Muhammad of Indonesia Climate Alliance (ICA). "One