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Strange, Young Men in Chicago Pregnant – To suppress teen pregnancy rates due to free sex, Chicago government officials, the United States issued a controversial breakthrough. The teenage boys 'forced' pregnant. Yup, you did not read it wrong. Today's teenage association is

Stop looking for soul mate, because the match is sure

Who is currently bothered about a mate? after reading this article stop gloomy and stop searching, change the word LOOKING with MEN. "And between His powers is He created for you wives of your own kind, that

Starting from Dolls, Disney Tsum Tsum So Game with 70 Million Users in the World!

Starting from the iconic dolls at the Disney Store Japan, Tsum Tsum has now developed into a franchise that encounters fans through various aspects. Some of them such as fashion, lifestyle, to electronic equipment that attracts consumers

Started from Kasim Arifin, the Conservation of the Environment

Hope Waimital and Muhammad Kasim Arifin (Tempo, January 2, 2005) Taufik Ismail wrote poetry for his college friend: At Waimital Kasim scored hope In town we print a complaint For nearly 15 years, from 1964 to 1979,

Star Band, Son Nation Who Keeps Working Through His Songs

Star Band is a band that comes from the rain city, Bogor, West Java. Joined NAGASWARA in 2007 and ended contact in 2011. Then in 2015 Alex and Aldy, two Band Star personnel, signed back with NAGASWARA

Spinach and Watercress Hydroponics, Greener Greener

(Ideal of PT Bakung Indonesia to Maintain National Food Security) The potential of vegetable crops (horticulture) in Indonesia is very large. Tropical climate with a balanced temperature (22 – 30C), geographic conditions with fertile soil in almost

Some Traditional Medicine With Soursop Fruit

Soursop fruit much-loved by the community because it tastes fresh and sweet rather sour. Very enjoyable when served in the form of cold juice during hot weather. But aside from being a thirst release, soursop fruit can

Some things that you will kagenin from the beach

Beach, when you hear the word beach must be in your mind is the sea. The beach also has its own charm for its visitors. How not, at the beach itself we can do a lot of

Some Things That Cause Baby Crying

You as parents, especially mothers do not panic first if found the baby crying, because that's how your baby communicate or how to deliver something. What you need to understand is what causes the baby to cry.

Some Terms in Love when Happy and Broken Heart

I am writing this to a dear reader (not named Budi or Iman). Perhaps, also to those who always assume that love is not always about having that which is not hers, or loving that is not