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Smoke from Riau Forest Fire Begins Entering Singapore

JAKARTA, – Forest fires and land in the Riau region increasing. Smoke from the fire is also increasingly widespread to the area of ??Singapore. This was conveyed by Head of Data Information and Public Relations of

Smoke and ASEAN

It is no secret how the smoke haze disrupts the daily activities of people in some provinces in Sumatra and Kalimantan. Not only in Indonesia, smoke haze is also exported to cities in Malaysia and Singapore. The

Smart Kids but Not Outstanding (Underachiever)

[/ caption] According to research, underachiever children in America turn out to number about 10% -40% of the gifted child population. Why child gifted? Because research on underachiever children is usually done to gifted children, whose IQ

Sharing Crops, Can Be Cultural

By: Majawati Oen I am not a hobbyist in plants, there is a bad trauma that I experienced when I was a kid. I had a desire to care for the flower plants on the shelf. It

Shape Your Breast Nipple Differently, Know Your 5 Types – It is natural that every woman has a different body shape and this is already known in general, but not much to discuss about the shape of different breast nipples. I never thought about this

Sex During Menstruation Wait Until Used To Clean – Coming up months often makes you uncomfortable. Not because of the pain that is caused alone but also the emotional changes are easily up and down. Especially when you're talking about an intimate with a

Serious threats to the earth during 2012-2013

[Page 1] [Page 2] Earth and the planets in the solar system is indeed never safe from the threat of asteroid impact, meteor or comet. Here are some threats to the earth from 2012 until 2013 this.

Sengon Cultivation with Tumpang Sari System

Wood is currently goods that have high economic value and expensive. This is due to the decline in timber production from forests as a result of forest depletion and destruction in Indonesia. On the other hand the

Safe and Can Transport Many People, Should Train Can End Congestion This Country

Speaking of Indonesia, our country is famous for its street congestion. The streets of Jakarta, Surabaya and several other big cities are often filled with cars and motorcycles that jostle. Traveling far away with the streets are

Rules Before Apartment Renovation

Renovation can have a major impact on home values. But an expensive repair process can not always give a higher price tag. Before beginning to remodel, the owner should think carefully whether the renovation was to be