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Claimed As The Most Deadly Disease In The World, 9 Diseases It Must Make You Alert!

Image source: Occupied in the first sequence of the deadliest disease in the world is heart disease, followed by stroke in the second sequence and so on. Then, what are the deadly diseases in the world?

Citizen Journalism What and How

Image source: [/ caption] Understanding Citizen Journalism Citizen Journalism is a journalism practice undertaken by non professional journalists in this regard by citizens. Citizen Journalis (Citizen Journalism) is an ordinary citizen who performs the proper function

Cigarette Dilemma in Malang City

Image source:, Malang Large trees grow towering around the play area at Trunojoyo Park Malang City, East Java. The board reads a smoking ban plastered clearly in one corner of the park. However, an inscription

Chocolate or Chocolate

Image source: Haloo … how are chocolate fans around the world. There is something quite intriguing to find out about two words, this one. Often we talk about it, discuss it, even eat the product from

China’s Way to Overcome Air Pollution is more alarming

Image source: Remember very well after the lunar holiday of 2014 I moved other countries to follow my husband, but a few months before I still had time to notice the changes there. Most of us

China Town, New York City

Image source: The name of china town is certainly a lot of people cinanya including in New York City.We see the bule people like tourists in their own country, while the Chinese people who come from

China to Build World’s Largest Solar Power Plant

Image source: China intends to build one of the largest solar power plants in the world at a cost of about US $ 765 million, state press reported Tuesday (21/11). The 100-megawatt facility, to be built

China Ready to Develop Distance Plants in East Kalimantan

Image source: Investors from China will develop the crop as well as its downstream business in East Kalimantan, and the required land area of ??10,000 hectares. "The total area we prepared is 35,000 hectares, while for

China Plans to Increase Coal Production

Image source: China aims to increase coal production by 30% by 2015 to meet its energy needs, the government announced in a move that may raise concerns about global warming. Beijing plans to increase annual output

China Open Faucet of Synthetic Meat Import from Israel

Image source:, Beijing – China has signed a deal worth US $ 300 million to buy synthetic meat from Israel. This is considered to open the door for vegan food producers to "play" in the