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China Made the Sun Made 3 Times Hotter than the Original Sun

Image source: Often we complain when traveling or move outside in broad daylight. Yes, especially because of the heat of the sun. Not to mention the air pollution and global warming is increasing so that the

China Gives Development of Energy Efficient Building

Image source: The Chinese government is intensifying and encouraging stakeholders across its territory to build energy efficient and energy efficient buildings, in line with targets set by the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC)

China Block WhatsApp

Image source: Mark Zuckerberg has been busy approaching the Chinese government. He was busy visiting the Bamboo Curtain country, meeting the leaders of the country, even to learn Mandarin. But in the end China keeps blocking

Child and Adolescent Division (DAR!) Mizan Launches 4 Series Book Friends

Image source: – Jakarta, October 2, 2016 4 Super Friends, a series of mother and child collaboration books, Valerina Daniel and Keisha Andryananto were launched by the Mizan Children and Youth Division in Jakarta to

Check for! 29 This Institution Has Announced the End Result of CPNS 2017

Image source:, Jakarta – A total of 29 ministry / agency institutions have announced the results of the final selection of civil servant candidates in 2017 (CPNS 2017) wave two. Acceptance CPNS 2017 wave two

Characteristics of Cheats Dibiro Jodoh Online

Image source: 1. Usually masang a photo of a handsome man with a cool appearance, rich impression or a photo that is posing with babies / small children or with funny animals. Most women usually like

Challenging Global Warming as Social Problem

Image source: Movement's Counter-Claims In the past decade, global climate change has become a widely accepted social issue. Also referred to as global warming or the anthropogenic greenhouse effect, global climate change is a visible increase

Challenging Global Warming As a Social Problem

Image source: In the current era of globalization, globalization is a part of the most hot topic to talk about, which basically has not found the end point of its completion. Without us humans realize that

Cerpen Queue 028

Image source: What a precious time for me. Every second I hope to be useful. Then now the queue still shows the number 003. Should I continue to look down the cyber world? There is only

Central Park New York Area ‘Forest Town’ and Part of Lung World

Image source: By Christie Damayanti Walking alone in the middle of the 'urban forest' and feeling the beauty of the forest and the many wild animals, really made me feel like in a fairy tale. I