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Da’wah in the United States

Image source:×1240.jpg Dakwah innovation There is a unique side of Islamic da'wah activities in America. Dakwah is not only done exclusively internally, but also externally (outreach), that is through dialogue with other religious communities. Like Imam

David Attenborough, The Naturalist whose Most Written Name

Image source: For nature buffs, the flora, fauna and the secrets behind it are of course certain to recognize Sir David Attenborough who often perpetuates animal behavior associated with evolutionary processes and their diversity. Sir David

Data and Facts Copa America Centenario United States vs. Paraguay

Image source:×375.jpg United States eager following the trail of Colombia who have qualified for the knockout Copa America Cetenario 2016 this. To become the second team to qualify from Group A, the United States is obliged

Dariku, The Secret Admirer

Image source: Every human being must never be unfamiliar with this one gentle feeling: love. It's hard to believe this taste alone. The gentle feeling that comes at times and situations is very wrong. There is

Danjen Kopassus Closes Forest Battle Practice in Sukabumi

Image source:, Sukabumi – The Commander of the Special Forces (Kopassus) Command, Maj. Gen. TNI Madsuni, closed the Battle of the Battle of III and the Gultor Sat-81 Forest Hostage Liberation in Sukabumi, West Java.