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Short stories of Men Learning on Electric Pillars

Image source: The man who daily lives from a garbage dump to the next garbage dump has chosen what in the rest of his life. Age is not yet approaching half a century but his fate

Secretly Android Cheap Phone Sending Personal Data Users to China

Image source: Security factor is often an issue that is feared by smartphone users. According to the security company Kryptowire report, some cheap Android phone turns your personal data to China server every 72 hours. As

Sample Study Plan for Scholarships

Image source: Introduce, the name of the author of the study plan for this scholarship is Ilyas Muttaqin was born on December 25, 1997 in Depok, West Java. Ever since, I have a hobby of reading

Sample Speech Text

Image source: Assalamualaikum W.W. Dear Minister of Environment, What we respect, Head of SMA 2 Bantul, Our Honor, Mr. and Mrs. Guru SMA 2 Bantul, and a happy audience. First of all, let us say thanksgiving

Rows of the Highest Rare Trees in the World

Image source: In general Eucalyptus trees grow medium-sized, but different from the trees that grow in their home country, Australia. You will be surprised to see a very tall Eucalyptus tree. Even so high, the Eucalyptus

Reminded of Jakarta Drowning, Jokowi Accelerates Foke Program

Image source: JAKARTA, Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo plans to accelerate the construction of giant sea dikes or giant sea wall. This is done to prevent the risk of major floods that might drown Jakarta. This

Rejected Continue in Indonesia, Student Research Jogja This Even Seen Direct by Google

Image source: Surrender is the biggest mistake in life. Cristopher, student of SMAN 8 Yogyakarta. Although when talking about technology, Indonesia is still inferior to most developed countries out there, but the achievements of the nation's

Records of the Meulaboh Earthquake and Tsunami Emergency Response

Image source: I remember once that day, 13 years ago, December 26, 2004. After graduating in training for new students of Natural and Environmental Lovers of Universitas Negeri Padang (MPALH UNP), I leyeh-handy at Handreas Novroly's

Quite 665 Thousand SA, 3 Lights Can Be On Every Night of The Year

Image source: This paper is dedicated to the people of Sumba, NTT Generally Solar Panel Installation is identical with the addition of inverter installation which serves to convert the dc current into ac because the load

Print Records at 6.355, How to JCI Direction in 2018

Image source: Jakarta (ANTARA News) – The Composite Stock Price Index (IHSG) has the potential to continue positive growth in 2018. It is provided that the election of regional head (pilkada) is running smoothly and economic