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Positive and Negative Impacts of Developments in Natural Science and Technology

Image source: Humans have been able to make transportation facilities and infrastructure and more sophisticated communication thanks to the development of Science and Technology. Humans have been able to create cars, motorcycles, trains, ships with sophisticated

Passive Smoker Heart Note

Image source: Hi you cigarette lovers out there .. How are you? I'm sure you have good health and a lot of money because it still continues to smoke it. How ? still smoking to get

Papuan red fruit story that can deter HIVAIDS

Image source: Indonesia is famous for its soil fertility, geographical location in the tropical climate environment makes this beloved homeland rich in the growth of flora and fauna. In eastern Indonesia, thriving fruit that is suspected

Other Stories Dariku, I Believe That There is a Higher Existence on Man But Not God Who For All I Know

Image source: I can not lie when asked about who God is. In my head, is something abstract, non-pure, and amorphous. Dark black. I was born into a religious family. My parents provided insights about religion

Only the Natuna Islands Children Feel the Excitement of the Journey of This Kind Life!

Image source: Hearing Natuna's name, maybe some people when he heard his name a little confused, or frowned. Maybe also surprised and thought, Where tuh ?. Even for those who have heard, some people might think

Only Have One Day in Denpasar Do not Worry, Visit These Places Only!

Image source: Most tourists only know of Denpasar as the capital of the province of Bali which is known to be a dense activity of city life. The tourists choose to go to the suburbs, where

On the beautiful island of Pombo there are still many garbage

Image source: AMBON, – Community running Indorunners Ambon staged a clean action of the marine environment in the coastal region of Pombo Island, Central Maluku District, Maluku Province, Sunday (10/12/2017). In this beautiful beach apparently

Observe the Cold Air in the Holy Land for Optimal Umrah Worship

Image source: Observe the cold air in the Holy Land for optimal Umrah worship Currently, air temperatures in Saudi Arabia, both the holy cities of Mecca and Medina are very cold, reach temperatures below 20 degrees

Obama’s Story on Vegetable Gardens at the White House

Image source: YOGYAKARTA, – Former President of the United States Barack Obama do lunch at Resto Bumi Langit. The restaurant located on Imogiri-Mangunan Road is located between the hills of Bantul-Gunungkidul border. With the theme

Notes from the New York Culture of High Appreciation

Image source: [/ caption] Today (08/22/2013) I will remember being a historic day on my journey as a Graduate student and researcher. Imagine, from some of the research I have done, this is the moment that