2025 Working climate changed, gadget hoarse 13 human jobs

2025 Working climate changed, gadget hoarse 13 human jobs

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Who does not like the rapid technological developments of today? Human tasks more easily done thanks to the help of gadgets, robots, even simple software in the form of mobile device applications. However, in the next 10 years humans must have a negative impact on this.

Yes, according to the American technology research institute, Gartner, in 2025 every one of three human jobs will be replaced by robots and gadgets labeled 'smart', PC Mags (07/10). Predicted technological developments will also change the world of work drastically.

Starting from 2018, administrative and business workers in the realm of digital business will decline by 50 percent. On the other hand, the number of demand for workers from the IT sector (Information Technology) soared to 500 percent. It is expected to change the overall work climate, including individual work patterns.

Meanwhile, the onset of climate change work will begin in 2017. In the next three years, the kind of work most needed is internet and robot experts, as well as technicians of smart devices.

Gartner's global research leader, Peter Sondergaard, revealed that by 2020 there will be a lot of work lost due to the massive penetration of technology. Jobs that are currently considered very promising such as academics, engineers, scientists, to architects according to Sondergaard will be reduced in number, replaced by robots or even digital assistant apps like Siri or Google Now. However, some have experienced significant developments, especially those associated with the use of the latest technologies.

Climate change of work before the year 2025 occurred due to the emergence of new types of new jobs more specific and support the development of IT. Jobs that are claimed to be excellent in the year 2020 for example, are digital business planners, software and hardware technicians, and specialized IT regulatory analysts including lawyers. [bbo]

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