21 February Day of Trash, Reminiscent of Trash Tragedy at Leuwigajah

21 February Day

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Not many know that February is also commemorated as `Day of Trash Waste. This was made in order to commemorate the trash landslide tragedy in Leuwigajah, West Java, in 2005.

Deputy IV for Hazardous and Toxic Material Processing, Hazardous and Toxic Waste, and Waste, Drs. Rasio Ridho Sani, MCOM, MpM, recalled that on February 21, 2005, as many as 150 people were buried alive due to the garbage collapse that occurred in Leuwigajah Landfill (TPA). This landfill is located in the Administrative City of Cimahi, and is the final waste shelter that comes from the city of Bandung.

"The majority of the victims are residents around the landfill who work as scavengers.Since then,` Hari Peduli Sampah (HPS) 'is commemorated every February 21 to build our shared commitment to disasters due to poor waste management, and environmentally insecure not repeated, "said Rasio Ridho in the Ministry of Environment Media Briefing at Kalpataru Room B KLH Building, Kebon Nanas, Jakarta, Wednesday (19/2/2014)

According to Rasio, HPS is the government's way of remembering the dark history of waste management in Indonesia. At the same time build a commitment together not to repeat the disaster due to not caring everyone to do a good waste management and environmentally sound.

Therefore, HPS 2014 is a momentum to build individual collective awareness that waste management should be better for the environment and human health.

"Implementation of the principle of reduce, reuse, and recycle (3R) in waste management is an unavoidable option to make this happen," Rasio explained.

This year the planned peak of HPS 2014 will be held on February 24th at Taman Surya Surabaya Mayor's Office with the theme `Movement of Indonesia Peduli Sampah Towards a 3R Cultured Society for People's Welfare` with tagline Indonesia Bersih Sampah 2020.

"This is our commitment with regional leaders to make Indonesia clean up garbage by 2020 for the realization of 3R," he said.

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