22 Reasons Why You Should Care About Forests, Trees, And Open Green Grounds About You

22 Reasons Why You Should Care About Forests, Trees, And Open Green Grounds About You

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It is no secret if Indonesia is considered a lung by the world. Indonesia's forest area is predicted to be the largest tropical forest in Asia. But over time the amount of our forests dropped dramatically. Increase in population, forest encroachment, illegal logging and land use change are some of the causes of the number of forests decreasing each year.

Along with the increasing signs of global warming, many parties are then calling the activities of go green and reforestation. They slowly begin to realize the importance of forests, trees, parks or other green open land.

Well, if you do not care about the green fields around you, then in the article you'll find 22 reasons why you should start to care about the open fields around you! Just look at a variety of reasons why:

1. Forests, Trees and Green Open Land Can Help To Reduce Greenhouse Effects

The greatest function of forests and trees is to overcome the greenhouse effect that is the main cause of global warming.

The greenhouse effect is caused by increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide gas, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen monoxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), methane gas and CFC gas.

Well, these trees will absorb the carbon dioxide gas caused by the industry and the residue of our motor vehicles.

2. Clean Air Cleaning

In addition to reducing the greenhouse effect, trees also help clear the air. The leaves of some trees are able to absorb odors and various pollutant gases. And can lock dust and dirt in the air.

Therefore, when you are under the air tree you breathe it will feel fresher and cleaner.

3. Trees Supply Oxygen For Your LifeAnother function that is not less important than the trees is as an oxygen producer. An average of 1 acres of forest / trees in a year is able to produce oxygen for 18 people. Just imagine if in the world there is no tree, then we might die of gas pollutant poisoning and lack of oxygen.

4. Cooling the Air

Ideally, every highway needs to have a green lane in the middle or at the side of the road. In addition to being an air filter and carbon dioxide absorber, this green line of trees is able to reduce the heat felt by road users. According to research, the green line is able to reduce the heat as much as 5 to 10 degrees so as to make the streets feel more comfortable and more friendly to pass.

5. Trees Make You Energy Saving

You certainly happy if you can save electricity money because no need to use air conditioner or fan? Your house is beautiful, cool, shady because it is surrounded by trees.

6. Prevent Abrasion

On the beach that does not have a mangrove tree on its banks, so its beach lips will eventually be eroded by the waves of sea water and damage the coastline.

Well, one way to reduce this abrasion process is to plant mangrove trees on the beach. The root of this mangrove tree will be a breakwater as well as functioning to hold sand on the beach.

7. Preventing Soil Erosion

Similar to preventing abrasion, trees in the forest will make the soil avoid the danger of erosion due to rain. Plant roots function as a binder and prevent soil eroded and eroded by rainwater flows.

8. Protect Us From Ultraviolet LightWhen walking under the shadow of the trees of course we do not have to bother thinking about the hot and hot sun that will bake our skin. The grove of trees will be able to protect us from the dangers of ultraviolet carried by the sun.

9. From the Trees You Can Also Get Food

There is an apple tree, mango, rambutan, longan or other fruit trees in the front garden of the house would be fun! We can freely pick and harvest these fruits at will. You may even invite your friends to share together when your next mango tree is in fruiting.

10. The Tree Can Cure You

Some studies that examine the influence of trees on health, proving that the trees will help the healing process of patients.

Even in the case of children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) syndrome, trees are believed to be able to reduce the symptoms of the disease. Walking under the tree lining will also help reduce your stress feelings.

11. Open Green Fields Can Reduce Violence and Crime

The barren, hot and lacking vegetation has proven to have a much greater degree of crime than a shady, tree-lined environment.

This could be due to the coolness and beauty given by the trees that will make people more positive in the act and not easily ignited emotions.

12. The Tree Can Be The Season Marker For You

Some trees like teak trees can provide season information to you, as we know that teak trees will drop their leaves during the dry season.13. Trees Can Also Give You Financial Benefits

Trees can also lho provide financial benefits to you. You can sell your mangoes that are too much for personal consumption, then sell them to the market or offer them to the middleman.

Even if you have enough land, turning your empty garden into an agribusiness estate can also be a promising business idea right now.

14. Green Open Land Is The Most Appropriate Place To Socialize

Imagine how much money you should spend if you every day have to socialize in a mall whose goods prices are able to strangle the neck.

Compare with if you socialize in the park or other green open space, no need to pay parking, can bring your own food from home, even if you have to buy snacks, the price will also be cheaper.

15. Be The Most Convenient and Cheap Place To Learn and Play

In addition to making you able to socialize with other people, you can also learn and play as you like in the park or other green open land. Meet with the community and people who share your interests and hobbies and be able to practice together must be a fun thing to do.

16. Who Unites Us As A Society

No matter who he is or they are, amid the lush trees and the cool air you will be more open to accept the presence of new people around you. Green open land will provide cheap, friendly, and comfortable public spaces.

There you will be able to joke, share stories or gather and discuss discussing elected presidents and learn to be a more caring community.17. Forests Are Natural Habitats For Our Flora and Fauna

In addition to having the largest number of forests in Asia, Indonesia also has hundreds of thousands of unique flora and fauna nan typical only exist in Indonesia.

These flora and fauna depend on the existence of our forests. So do not be surprised if a few moments ago there were elephants, monkeys or wild animals that attacked the settlement of citizens. It could be that wild animals attack humans because people who attack their homes first.

18. Forests Meet Our Needs For Building Materials

The existence of forests and trees will also provide us with stock of building materials that can be used for the needs of building a residence.

However, we must remain wise and picky to do tree felling. Choose trees that are really old and worth cutting, otherwise do not forget to do reforestation after taking this one forest product.

19. Green Growth Can Refresh Your View

Eyes tired from a day looking at a computer screen? Take a break and just cool your eyes by looking at the green trees in the front garden of the house or the front of the office!

20. Providing Water For Your Life

Rows of trees can serve as a regulator of the flow of water that is on this earth. Through the rush of tree leaves, the rain that descends will not go directly to the ground and run away. It will flow through the trees and seep into the ground.

Deposits of stored water will produce rivers or springs that we often find in dense forests.21. Increase Your Building Sale Value

Compared to a barren house or property without parks and trees, of course the property with a beautiful garden and rows of trees that make cool will be more ogled and have a higher selling price.

22. Helps Smooth Your Business and Business

If you have a business, then consider giving a touch of green trees around your business estate. Based on some research the touch of green will make your customers more comfortable and more comfortable so that your business would be more smoothly again.

Well, that's it guys, 22 reasons why from now on you have to care more about forests, trees and other green open land. You certainly would not if the earth and the environment where you live more cool and comfortable to live in ?!

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