22 Uncertain Skills Can Be Mastered by Indonesian Boys

22 Uncertain Skills

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From the previous Hipwee article, you've learned skill-man skills like shaking a man's hand, jumping in a car and carrying a wounded person like a fire extinguisher. Hipwee also has 12 expertise that can make you survive in the wild. Well, below there are still some skills that are not necessarily dominated by Indonesian boys. Feeling challenged? Come on, learn and practice 20 skills below:

1. Skinning Animal

In addition must be strong see blood, you also must be skinning animals. You can be appointed Pak RT to make the committee of slaughtering qurban animals. Well, you know, can not? Here are the steps:

1) Make sure the animal is dead and the head is already separated from the body.

2) Hang the hind legs of animals with straps and hooks.

3) Thin skin of the back legs from the groin, to the toes, then to the crotch again. Do not get to the meat. When finished, open the skin as you unlock socks.

4) Cover body skin from the tip of the stomach to the end of the neck. Leather foreskin like step (3).

Afterwards, release the skin slowly.

2. Order Drinking Quickly

Do not you want to look like a kid in a bar? In order to quickly attract the attention of the bartender, you should sit near where the bartender mixes his drink and tries to make eye contact with his bartender. Do not waver money because it's a bar, not a market. Give enough tips so she will remember you and prepare your drink quickly.

3. RidingHorseback riding is a matter of taming animals with calm and confidence. It takes special training, but what's wrong to learn? You will never know when that riding skill will be useful to you. Now, the campuses in Indonesia also already have a horse club, really.

4. Massage the Good

Do not be careless in terms of providing massage. Cook new mijet two minutes you already exhausted yourself? Your parents or boyfriend deserve a massage that can relax the tense neck muscles, stiff hands, and tired backs. Learn the techniques here.

5. Cutting Trees

Hipwee knows you're a natural companion, but if the tree in your yard grows too dense and disturbs the neighbors or it's weathered and dangerous, it's time you cut it down. Here's how:

1) Determine the direction of falling of your tree and the direction to which you will run so that it will not fall on the tree itself. With a chainsaw, make a straight slice along 1/3 the diameter of the tree.

2) Now, chainsaw your tree with a 60 degree oblique direction above the cleavage you have made (see picture). Immediately stop the engine when the new hemisphere meets the old hemisphere. Discard the resulting wood chunks.

3) Switch to the opposite side of the tree. From there, the tree saw is horizontally, a few centimeters above the 60-degree angle you've made before. Make sure the two parts are not meeting each other.

4) Turn off the machine. Run to a safe place. After the sound of the tree falling, look back and see the results of your work.

6. Shop for Clothes For Girlfriend

The key of securing the heart of a boyfriend is an unexpected gift in unexpected moments. So, give your boyfriend a surprise by showing a bit of the initiative to go shopping alone. Not hard kok, as long as you know what the size of her dress. Do not forget to bring money, yes.7. Cut out the fish fillet

You need a fillet knife, gloves, and dead fish.

1) Clean the fish with fresh water. Rebock the scales.

2) Put your fish on a flat surface. Sayat meat, starting from the top of the head. Pivot your knife to touch the skull bones of the fish, then cut to the tail by following the direction of the fins. Behind your fish. Repeat the same thing on the other side.

3) Now cut from the bottom of the fish's head. The procedure is the same as (2), but this time you also have to gently lift the meat that you cut. When it reaches the tail, fold the meat extending backward.

4) Separate your fillet pieces from the fish body, then separate the skin with the meat. Be careful not to damage the meat.

8. Cooking Eggs

Not just fry the eggs of the cow's eye. You should also know how to quickly boil an egg, make an omelet, bake it, and shake it. Your breakfast will never be boring again.

9. Googling Efficiently

Google makes people who do not know so know, and who already know so many experts. But, how do I know a lot? You must use Google properly and efficiently.

How to do? If you want to nge-search a whole sentence, write the sentence in quotes ().If you want to search for a particular document type, type a .doc or .pdf.

If you want to find the dollar exchange rate to rupiah that day, just type USD to IDR.

If you love a hyphen (-) in front of a keyword, Google will not display the webpage that contains that keyword in its search results. Example: if you enter the keyword Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono-president, Google will give you a web page about SBY that does not contain the word president.

The rest look for yourself yes. Do not be spoiled.

10. Sewing the loose buttons

Is it really lazy to go to a tailor to make one button? Learn how to sew a good button here.

11. Entertaining Girls Longer Nangis

The solace of the sad girl is skill!

1) Bring clean handkerchiefs everywhere.

2) When a friend, a female acquaintance, or even a girl you do not know crying or breakdown beside you, approach her carefully. Take out your handkerchief.

3) Say (in a non-creepy way): Sorry Mbakmay be there I can help you?4) Offer handkerchief in a folded state. Declare it clean.

5) If he asks you to leave, get away quickly. But if he has not thrown you out, ask him politely what you can help: keep him company for a while, call the police, or maybe the jogets let him be entertained.

6) Give the help he needs. Separate with the words just save his handkerchief.

12. Looks OK in Photos

You must have looked handsome in a photo, at least once. The real challenge is to keep it looking okay in your other photos as well. Find a photo that looks your best. Notice the position of your head and body in the photo. Well, that is your most photogenic corner.

13. Calming Baby Nang

First of all, you first have to calm down. Nangis is natural for a baby. Hold the baby and let him absorb the calm from you. Warm your body will help him feel comfortable. Speak in a low voice and look in friendly face. If you can sing or tell something.

Well, just do not forget to ask her mother's permission before you carry him.

14. Parallel Parking

You should be able to parallel park like a man. In one pull, back, turn, advance and straighten your vehicle. There's no story to back and forth, back and forth, bump into the front car and rear seat the car.

15. Fixing ToiletsYour toilet will someday drain the water by itself before you press any button. This leak will happen over time, if the ball of ballast inside the water container is not functioning properly. You do not need to call a plumber for his betulin. Buy a new ball and plug yourself in your toilet.

16. Make Pancakes

The idea is like making a variety of snacks from eggs for breakfast. By making pancakes you can steal the heart of your little cousin or your favorite niece. Not only that, the guy who can make breakfast it will be more disayangin partner. Do not believe? Just try to cook your first pancake. Try the recipe here.

17. Slaughter Chicken

This activity is suitable for you to train gini day, when Lebaran will make almost all family of Indonesia serving processed chicken menu. Calculate your mom or your partner's burden. Try your expertise to slaughter, clean and chop the chicken into sections.

18. Installing a Tie

Most Indonesian guys do not know how to put a tie. Most choose to wear the instant tie they live in. Be ahead of the other Indonesian boys by learning how to install a tie.

Four-in-Hand technique is the easiest way for beginners who want to own their own tie. While Half Windsor could be an option for a more symmetrical and formal tie.

19. Shoe Shine

This time, do not just polish your shoes with ordinary polish. Use wax-based polish products for maximum glossy results. Clean your shoe soles with a toothbrush.

20. Preparing Beverage For CoupleThis is for you who do drink alcoholic beverages. Some girls know what they want to drink, but most will appreciate the suggestions you offer. They need a bit of a shock and you have to know what you can prepare. Racik something light and really good for him. If interested, you can try this Rose Cocktail recipe.

21. Catching A Bright Snake Into The House

As a human being living in Indonesia, you may find your home (or your neighbor) the arrival of a snake. Please remember, the snake came into the house not for biting humans. Could he get lost and not know the way home, chase a rat to your house, or chased by bigger predators. So do not kill yourself right away, yes.

First of all, you must remain calm and still. Snakes can feel the vibration when you jump or shout not clear. Snakes can also sniff with his tongue, so chances are he can already feel your presence long before you see him.

It's good if you recognize the strength and size of this snake. If the snake is small enough:

1) With a broom of fibers or anything long-handled, corner this snake into the corner of the room. Remember, keep your distance and be careful. If the snake feels threatened and prepares to attack you, immediately back off and go straight to step (4). But if not

2) Close the snake's sight by throwing a cloth onto its head. Make sure he can not see anything.

3) After blocking the sight of the snake, grip his head but not his mouth, yes. The safest way is to hold it slightly behind the head so he can not turn around. Immediately after securing his head, the hand is also a snake body that you are not twisted.

4) Insert the snake into a bucket or sack, then close the meeting. Put him back to a place away from the settlement. If your snake is too dangerous and great value for you to face, ask for help from the neighbors around.

You can also contact local bonbin. Who knows they are missing a collection of animals

22. Catch LizardMaybe you'll ask, what's the point of catching monitor lizards? Just like the incident above, you will never know when the lizard will stray into your settlement. Lizards can also be your meal when lost in the forest. Even for four boys from Kolaka, Southeast Sulawesi, catching lizards is their job. Do not want to lose them, is it.

If the monitor lizard comes into the house, handle it in much the same way as catching a snake: shrink, blot, catch. Well, if you want to catch the lizard from the nest, let's learn the four boys technique above.

1) Fishing lizard with large size eyes that are covered with chicken stomach contents (can be requested for free from chicken seller). Insert the roped hook into the monitor lizard hole.

2) After the feed is eaten and the lizard is roughly snagged, pull your times until the animal comes out.

3) Immediately grasp the tail and legs so as not to rebel or escape.

4) Remove the time from the monitor mouth. Store in sack. Whatever the results you want to sell, eat, or keep.

It is not difficult to master these abilities. With a little learning and a lot of practice, you can do it. Good luck!

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