24 Hidden Paradise in Southeast Asia

24 Hidden Paradise in Southeast Asia

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Southeast Asia is a favorite tourist destination of backpackers from around the world. Not only offer beautiful places, travel costs in this region are also relatively cheap. Let's prepare your notes to make this year's travel list. These are 24 tourist attractions in Southeast Asia that are interesting but still rarely visited.

1. Pai, Thailand

If you want to find a place that is green but still full of entertainment, Pai could be the place. Nestled in the mountainous region of northern Thailand, Pai offers a calm and entertaining atmosphere at the same time. In this place you can rent a motor to circle around the forest, visit the waterfalls, dance in the local bar and relax in the hammocks.

2. Pu Qhuoc Island, Vietnam

Many people agree that Pu Qhuoc will soon become a favorite tourist destination in Vietnam. But do not worry, this time the beautiful beaches on the island is still relatively quiet. On this island, you can enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving on a virgin beach. Do not worry about transportation, in Pu Qhuoc you will easily find motorcycle rentals. Wait let alone, soon come before Pu Qhuoc crowded with tourists!

3. Bagan, Myanmar

The city in Myanmar is famous for its Buddhist temple. This city is indeed a city with the largest Buddhist in Myanmar. Here, you can enjoy the peace and beauty of Myanmar. Plus, there are hot air balloons that you can ride to enjoy the sunset. Beautiful is not it?

4. Mui Ne Sand Dunes, Vietnam

Located not far from Saigon, Mui Ne Sand Dunes seem to be a different world from the modern side of Vietnam. In this dune, you can freely run or just take pictures to capture the beauty. In this place you can also find a river that flows in the middle of sand and dry stones.

5. Mergui Islands, Myanmar

This archipelago is a cluster of islands that are still virgin in the tropical forest row of the Andaman Sea. You can stay at the hotel around these islands, then enjoy the sensation of riding a kayak. Interestingly, here you can still find gypsies living on board. Also see them hunting pearls all day long!6. Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

This place is the perfect location to escape from the humid and hot weather in downtown Malaysia. Here, you can enjoy the beauty of the green atmosphere from the expanse of tea gardens. A tour of the local tea factories is the mainstay of this tour. In addition, the beautiful scenery of this place is no doubt.

7. Ngwe Saung Beach, Myanmar

If you are tired and want a moment to disappear from the world, this place is the right choice. Featuring a 9-mile coastline, this place has just opened to the public. This beach offers the beauty of a clean beach, quiet and provide a comfortable tranquility.

8. Mekong River Delta, Vietnam

Mekong River Delta is a unique place of travel. You can take a walk around the Mekong by hiring a boat. Along the way, you will meet various sellers who peddle various commodities. Friendliness of Vietnamese will make you comfortable, you need not be afraid to stop rowing the ship and try the local fruit there.

9. Sapa, Vietnam

This is the location that you should climb to climb. Sapa offers spectacular views. The combination of green grass and trees around the hill, plus the beautiful villa with the French architecture should not be missed. Sometimes, Sapa is also shrouded in fog that will make your climb even more unique.

10. Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Singapore

The hotel is built with a fund of no less than 5.7 million US Dollars is offering many entertainment attractions. There, you can complete spending desires in many prominent outlets. There is also a concert hall which is often a famous artist venue. Above the building, this hotel has a yacht-shaped pool that you should try. Swimming there spurred your adrenaline. As if you were going to fall from floor 57 to Singapore right under you.

11. Wat Rong Khun (white temple) in Chiang Rai, ThailandAlthough it looks ancient, in fact this new temple was built in 1999 by a native artist of Thailand. The shape of this temple depicts the process of human reincarnation. You will find a statue of the hand that extends around the temple. In addition, you can also find Keanu Reeves mural and mural of 9/11 tragedy in America.

12. Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang is one of the cultural tourism that has been recognized by UNESCO. The architecture in Luang Prabang is very dancing, because it is a mixture of Asian and European architecture. Like many other Asian countries, elephant riding is one of the attractions of this place. But, only in Luang Prabang you can take a 4 day mahout class for elephant riding well like their handler.

13. Kep, Cambodia

In the French colonial period, Kep became a tourist spot for the upper class of France. Currently, Kep is being prepared to be a tourist destination. Here you can enjoy seafood at a beautiful restaurant on the beach. Kep is also famous for its crab dish which is one of the world's best crab dishes.

14. Mae Sot, Thailand

This place can be described with a remote word. Mae Sot is located on the border between Thailand and Myanmar. Its location on this border has an impact on the diversity of its inhabitants. In Mae Sot you can find people from Thailand and Myanmar, as well as natives from the mountains. You can relax in the herbal sauna, shop at the open-air traditional market or join the forest rescue program at Higland Farm Gibbon Sanctuary.

15. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

This huge temple complex is guaranteed to surprise you. Angkor Wat is one of the largest religious monuments in the world. In it, you can find a stone the size of a human being carved with various facial shapes. Large, long-stemmed trees that are hundreds of years old along the driveway also add to this exotic place

16. Inle Lake, Myanmar

The lake over 13 miles has various charms. Around the lake, you can take classes on local crafts offered by the people on their boat. You can also find floats owned by locals planted with vegetables. Not to mention the floating house that became the mainstay of local residents.17. Ko Lanta, Thailand

Usually, tourists will visit large islands such as Ko Tao or Ko Phangan. But, if you want to enjoy the different atmosphere Ko Lanta you need to visit. Still relatively quiet, this place offers tranquility and a clean beach.

18. Cu Chi Tunnel in Saigon, Vietnam

Vietnamese soldiers used this tunnel as a hideout during the Vietnam war. Here, the army stored their food reserves during the war. Many Vietnamese soldiers infected with malaria are also treated in this tunnel. The journey to this place is guaranteed to make your neck hair stand up.

19. Chiang Dao, Thailand

Chiang Dao is a paradise for nature lovers. This place has waterfalls, hot springs, and high cliffs. But, the main attraction of this place is Chiang Dao cave. In this cave you can find more than 100 places containing various worship tools. In addition, the beauty of stalactites and stalagmites around the cave also you can not miss.

20. Pulau Red Beach, Banyuwangi

The beach at the southern tip of Banyuwangi has a unique small mountain in the middle of the red beach. On this beach we can enjoy the beauty of the protected forest area, relax on a deserted beach and shop for fish at the fish port not far from the Red Island Beach.

21. Teluk Kiluan, Lampung

Teluk Kiluan is located in Lampung Province, which is famous for its many dolphins, whales around Kiluan Bay. This area is also famous for its natural beauty and a haven for the reliable fisherman. Every year there are fishing competitions in Teluk Kiluan followed by master anglers all over Indonesia.

22. Lake Laut Tawar in Akengon, Central AcehLake Laut Tawar is located east of Takengon city, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam Province, and is the largest lake in the province with an area of ??about 5,472 ha, a length of 17 km, and a width of 5.5 km. Access to Takengon is easier to travel through the city of Bireun. This area is a combination of cycling tours, past, future, and present day reflections. Here you can enjoy the beauty of the country above the clouds and culinary tour in the area of ??delicious coffee producers.

23. Derawan Island, East Kalimantan

The island is located in the Berau Islands, East Kalimantan is a tropical paradise for tourists. Beach with soft white sand, tame turtles and many dive spots. Exotic Derawan Island with a blend of marine and moss colors that amaze produce gradations of blue and green, as well as a small forest in the middle, making this island presents beautiful natural scenery that is pity to pass up.

24. Goa Jomblang, Yogyakarta

This cave is located in Jetis Wetan Village, Pacarejo Village, Semanu Subdistrict, Gunungkidul. Located 50 kilometers from downtown Jogja, the road to these attractions is still made of soil and rocky. So, we will feel the sensation off road when heading there.

After passing through the village and rice fields along about 2 kilometers then we arrived at the Resort Goa Jomblang already equipped with a beautiful garden. Because of its uniqueness, Goa Jomblang quite famous both among local tourists, as well as among foreign tourists.

This cave offers an exciting adventure in limestone caves, and beautiful views of ancient forests and underground rivers. Goa Jomblang connected with another cave named Goa Grubug, so the visitors are usually at once down the two caves.

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