24 Photo Evidence That The World Needs Special Attention. Children Nature Lovers Need To Know!

24 Photo Evidence That The World Needs Special Attention. Children Nature Lovers Need To Know!

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Earth and nature is a place where we can survive until this moment. But what happens if we betray our own nature? Perhaps for the most part littering is a trivial and common thing to do. Conscious or not small and trivial things that can cause significant negative impact lho. You should look at the sadness of some REAL photographs that really destroy our nature.

1. Over the past 10 years, humans have produced 10 times more plastic than plastic waste over the past 100 years.

Real pollution via https://www.google.co.id

Every year we throw out the garbage that is able to circle four times the size of the earth. In the US alone, throw away at least 35 million bottles of water each year, and it takes about a year to break down naturally. Imagine aja we live from what age to what age, already ga kebayang deh how much waste that we have to waste every hour.

2. A Dog Stand in the Middle of Toxic Smog produced by Coal Mining in India.

Dying dog via https://www.google.com

An innocent dog participated in the impact and consequences that humans have done. Try to imagine if you are in that position, feel every evil smoke that is around. Are you strong?

3. This tortoise is Middle Trapped Because Iron is Snared Section Tempurungnya

the turtles are also dying via https://www.google.co.id

The tortoise sensed the pain of the house gripping her stomach. You could say that his illness was 2x as much as his illness was diluted .. ouch

4. What a Terrible Sea of ??Trash, If It Is Like This What Should We Do?Sea of ??waste via https://www.google.co.id

The ocean is endless, just as rich as we feel when we see that much garbage. If already rich gini who want to disalahin? Though everyone should be more care and protect the natural environment for the common good, instead of polluting it together. Agreed ??

5. A Diving Child Among Waste-Floating Trash on the River Philippines, One of the World's Most Soluble Countries.

A child who is scavenging sustenance piles of waste via https://www.google.co.id

We should be more grateful in preserving nature. Look at our brother who may not be as fortunate as we are now. At least if we are not able to help, try a little to be concerned and not add to the burden on them

6. This Woman Should Wear Masks To Filter Air For Breath, Because Beijing Air Pollution 20 Times Worse and Away From Secure Level

Mask for breathing via https://www.google.co.id

Try if in Indonesia rich like this, are you strong ?? While we can enjoy oxygen for free and for free, what's wrong we continue to keep the air for our children and grandchildren in the future later by participating in Go Green activities or planting trees. If it is not a tree that breathes carbon dioxide so it can release the oxygen we are breathing, who else?

7. Brazil's government can no longer deny that its central country faces a worrying environmental pollution.

one of the waters in Brazil via https://www.google.co.id

That's just a floating doll, what about the human body? Dolls already, plastic waste is also already, well how would you reply to your body that is in the river? Are you ready to clean up the waste?8. One of the Birds Albatross Type It Swallows So Much Garbage Through Its Food (Fish)

Albatross birds via https://www.google.co.id

Think again, are we trying to preserve nature? This type of Albatros birds are forced to eat garbage because of the supply of fish at the sea began to decrease due to irresponsible fishermen who conduct clay bombing in the sea.

9. A Child Standing on a Trashy River Side in the Philippines.

thousands of garbage in Philippine times via https://www.google.co.id

If in ciliwung rich gini how ya ?? Budi ga sau ngeliat rich view so beside your house. Are you ready if there is a chance that the volume of water will rise? Flood in Indonesia that just water alone is quite disturbing, especially with a pile of garbage like this?

10. This Chocolate Pelican Bird Should Have Fly High above the Gulf of Mexico, But Love Her Body Was Wrinkled Oil That She Is Swallowed When Oil Spill BP-Deepwater Horizon Affected The Area.

Pelican Birds in the Gulf of Mexico via https://www.google.co.id

Not just humans who need a friendly with nature, animals also have rights. Kesian kan the bird so get hit by waste so rich. If we do not care who nature is it anymore ??

11. Even the high areas did not escape the waste. Who Likes Ride The Mountain Do not Sampe Berulah Gini yaa .. Kan Kesian Gunungnya

Trash on Mount Everest via https://www.google.comApparently Mount Everest was not spared from the cruel man. Because of the abundance of garbage left by Mount Everest requires a cleaning team to clean up the garbage left by the climbers.

12. Difficult For This Seal Animal To Release The Cans That Make Their Mouth Caught.

Sealed dogs because of the existing cans of sea cans via https://www.google.co.id

About 1 million birds and 100 thousand marine mammals are killed each year because of the waste in the ocean. For example seals trapped by plastic waste dumped by irresponsible people.

13. Approximately 500 Billion Plastic Bags Used Worldwide Every Year. That is, There is One Million Waste of Plastic Bag Each Jam.

Goose covered by plastic waste via https://www.google.com

maybe the bird is sheltered from the sunlight radiation that is felt on earth. Maybe this is because the atmosphere on earth has begun to thin out due to prolonged pollution.

14. It's good, we are reconsidering the use of plastic bags in everyday life #SaveTheWorld

#savetheworld via https://www.google.com

From now on throw garbage in its place, what is the use of trash if you still throw garbage carelessly. Use your mind and heart! Do not underestimate the little things, because small things can bring a big impact in the future.

15. A small river filled with garbage.when ya human be aware of all this, hhufft .. via https://www.google.co.id

If already rich gini sure all feel the "stupid".

16. If Fish Are Unable to Swim in These Fragranced Brazilian Waters, What With Living Beings Who Need This Nature

Fish dead in the ocean waters via https://www.google.co.id

Do not let these fish are sold in the market. This is evidence that the lack of residents and marine biota who died from exposure to waste.

17. Mining Has To Contaminate One Of The Largest Water Resources In Southeast China, Killing Fish and Wild Animals.

contaminated water via https://www.google.co.id

Be thankful for you who can still enjoy the taste of water, try if the water you drink has begun to contaminate like the picture above, what sure you can live long?

18. Paris Invisible Due to Pollution

hiden Paris via https://www.google.co.id

The beauty of paris is covered by the limba of air pollution that comes from vehicles and the extreme weather that struck at that time.19. Due to Increase of Sea Temperature, Yellow Sea Attacked Green Algae.

green algae via https://www.google.co.id

Moss wrote until get here. Be careful if later our area is taken over by the moss-moss, if already rich gini want to live where try?

20. Waste Smoke Makes Traffic in Beijing Hassles To Hell for Hours.

Congestion resulting from air pollution waste via https://www.google.co.id

Still where is it? Jakarta or Beijing ?? Apparently not only in Jakarta a bad traffic jam caused by skyrocketing number of vehicles.

21. It's Not a Gravely Rock Road. But It Is a River Filled Dead Fish.

hundreds of fish die in china waters via https://www.google.co.id

It's lhoo .. not trash. Hayooo guess what, that many fish can die?

22. Oil Spill Of One Of The Legal and Unacceptable Oil Companies

oil spill via https://www.google.co.idAre you rich in mud lapindo belom ?? if already rich gini certainly ga no responsibility dehh ..

23. Turtle This Is One Of The Victims Of Oil Spills That Are In The Sea

turtles that have died of oil waste via https://www.google.co.id

Animals were a victim of the ferocity of human activities. The turtle died from exposure to a hazardous waste substance resulting in its bruised and burning skin.

24. One of the Most Significant Evidence We Must Consider. The beach was already started to contaminated

a cool midrange play skate water but lots of garbage via https://www.google.co.id

If not us then who else? If not now who else? The more time goes the more our Earth ages. Our role as human beings should be mutually guarded, including safeguarding nature and its environment. Udah ga era again maen mistake let alone show-show maen. Better let together mutual cooperation and contribute to care for the health of our world together.

I am yes yes! How about you?

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