26 Villages in Purbalingga are in danger of drought

26 Villages in Purbalingga are in danger of drought

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Entering the dry season this year, the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Purbalingga Central Java anticipates the impact of drought in the region. From the existing data in BPBD Purbalingga, there are recorded 26 villages in seven districts in the district are prone to drought.

Head of Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Purbalingga District Priyo Satmoko said that until now it is still waiting for the submission of clean water demand to meet the needs of residents in drought affected areas.

"Currently, there are only two villages proposing Serang and Kutabawa villages, while now, in anticipation, we have prepared 977 clean water tanks that will be distributed to 26 villages in seven sub-districts," he said on Sunday (5/7).

He specifies that the number will be dispersed in Kejobong Sub-district for 11 villages with a total of 320 water tanks, then Kaligondang Sub-district in eight villages with 356 tank water distribution.

"Next to Pengadegan sub-district, one village gets four water tanks, Bobotsari in two villages gets 55 water tanks, and Karanganyar one village gets 41 water tanks and Karangreja two villages gets 189 water tanks last Bojongsari 1 village gets 12 water tanks," he explained.

Furthermore, he argued that the amount is adjusted to the impact data of drought in 2014 in Purbalingga that occurred in 26 villages, spread over seven districts. Meanwhile, Kejobong Suwardi Sub-district stated that 13 villages in their area have already requested clean water to the district government.

"We have sent a letter to the district government so that villages in our area get clean water supply because now the villagers are still dependent on water from the Pamsimas and Sipas program whose debit has been reduced," he said.

According to Suwardi, currently the hamlets that do not have the facilities PAMSIMAS and Sipas have urged to get clean water assistance. "At this time, the lack of clean water is the hamlets that do not have water facilities from government programs, such as PAMSIMAS and Sipas," he said. [tyo]

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