26 Wonders of the Earth!

26 Wonders of the Earth!

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Feeling the earth is not beautiful anymore? Eits, think again deh! Below are 26 places that will definitely make you think twice.

1. Geang Landscape Park Zhangye Danxia in Gansu, China

Know not the color created among the rocks was formed because of the mineral content and sand rocks stored 24 years ago loh. Then, the wind and the rain eroded the hill until it formed a gap. Like a crayon painting huh ?!

2. World Edge Swing, Baos, Equador, South America

The end of the world has been set in Baos, Ecuador. Why there? It turns out that in Baos there is a tree house (La Casa Del Arbol) that has a swing, and is known as the World End of Swing.

From this swing can be seen a volcano and also a very deep chasm, can make your feet shudder! Hii .. for this swing is made at an altitude of 2600meter and only a small piece of wood as a seat. WOW!

3. Great Blue Hole in Belize, Central America

This Great Blue Hole has been recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site in 1997 is a paradise for those who like diving, a depth of about 145 meters with a diameter of 400 meters.

Formerly, The Great Blue Hole is an ancient cave with giant stalactites and stalagmites. When the ice age ends, the sea level rises to cover the surface of the cave.

4. Hang Son Doong Cave in Quang Binh Province, Vietnam

Hang Son Doong Cave itself was created about 2 to 5 million years ago and has more than 150 cave networks and was used as a hideaway of Vietnam war.The cave room has a width of 90 meters and a height of nearly 240 meters and has a cave length of 5.5 miles or 8.9 km long. So widespread the entire New York City block with a 40-story building can enter this cave! It's hard to imagine!

5. Mendenhall Ice Cave, Alaska, United States

This ice cave is located 19 km from the city of Juneau, Alaska and has a length of 22 km. Formed by a very large glacier and formed in the soil surface for a very long time. This ice wall wall will bear a beautiful blue light when struck by light. Want to try to feel the cold of this cave?

6. Glowworm Caves, Waitamo, New Zealand

What comes to mind when looking at the image above? Outer space? Image image of Photoshop? Aurora from the North Pole? The picture above is a picture of a magical cave located outside Waitomo, North Island, New Zealand. This cave is named Glowworm Waitomo.

As the name implies, the star star is the Arachnocampa Luminosa worm that hangs on the ceiling of the cave and emits a sparkling green or blue light.

For those who want to see the stars without having to wait for the night, can try adventure boating down this cave it seems, like entering another world!

7. Sea of ??Stars, Vaadhoo Island, Maldives

The beach is located on the island of Vaadhoo is indeed able to enchant each person with the beauty of the beach that seemed able to reflect the stars that exist in the sky.

The bluish light comes from the dinoflagelata, a type of plankton that emits bright blue light in response to electrical signals and light. Wow, what is clear not to be able to distinguish where the sky where the beach huh ?!

8. Tunnel of Love, Klavan, UkraineThe next magical place is a place that became one of the most romantic places in the world, this place is commonly called the Tunnel of Love (Tunnel of Love).

Said the local community, if the couple has a genuine desire and come to this place, kengininannya will soon materialize. Want to try romance in this tunnel?

9. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni has been created more than 40,000 years ago and is the largest salt plain in the world that is about 10,582 km2, its location itself is at 3650 m above sea level.

As the lake dries up, two lakes are created: Lake Poopo and Uru Uru Lake, and two of the largest salt deserts of Salar de Coipasa and Salar de Uyuni.

The most exciting time to visit Salar de Uyuni is around March and April due to a puddle of water that can reflect the sky perfectly and melt the boundary between the sky and the land. So if anyone wants to try a photo on the cloud and without the help of Photoshop can directly try to take pictures at this Salar de Uyuni.

10. Mount Tianzi, China

This is the place that inspired James Cameron to make Avatar movie. Mount Tianzi itself has a height of 1200 meters above sea level that makes it look floating. The place that has been included in the list of UNESCO this was once the favorite place of the Chinese king to see the scenery! Yuk same photo Navi!

12. The Arctic Guards

The guards from the North Pole are actually trees with snow with temperatures ranging from -40 to -15 degrees. Its towering form makes it look like the guards are on standby. Unique yes ?!

13. Reed Flute Cave, Guilin, ChinaReed Flute Cave is a cave with a length of 240 meters filled with natural stalactites and stalagmites are very beautiful. Inside this cave there are more than 70 inscriptions written in ink and made about 618-907 AD when the Tang Dynasty came to power. Have dinner or honeymoon here asik times ?!

14. Antelope Canyon, Arizona, United States

Antelope Canyon formed due to water flowing through the crevices narrow for a very long time. Canyon wall wall is able to change the color of the reflection of the sun, into orange or red color. Awesome!

15. Bigar Waterfall, Romania

Bigar waterfall is basically a cliff that flowed by the spring, but the unique is the cliff is jutting out. This waterfall itself is inside the nature reserve area Izvorul Bigar in Bozovici, western part of Romania.

This cliff looks like a float, while the flow of water and its flow looks like a cloak and glow add beauty from this waterfall. So beautiful, The Huffington Post site called a waterfall in the Land of Dongeng. Well, who wants to walk the road to the land of Dongeng can here ya!

16. Grand Prismatic Hot Spring

Grand Prismatic hot springs has an area of ??about 75 meters x 91 meters with a depth of approximately 49 meters and temperature of 71 degrees celsius. Algae and bacterial pigments that grow larger around the water's edge cause the changing water colors ranging from green, brilliant red to orange in the third largest hot springs in the world. From afar like the blue sun painting ya ?!
17. Deadvlei, Namibia

Deadvlei in Namibia is a row of dead tree trees. The tree is originally forest but climate change has killed all the vegetation and life here. Wonderful!

18. Socotra, Yemen

Socotra Island could be the most unique island on earth. Because it is isolated for a long time growing the existing plants on this island will not be found elsewhere. The number of plants and animals endemic on this island there are recorded as many as 700 species. Like not on earth deh!19. Lake Hilier, Australia

This lake becomes unique because of the water color that is in this lake. The bright pink color formed in Hilier lake comes from algae and bacteria around the lake.

20. Pamukkale Hot Springs, Turkey

Pamukkale was formed by a massive earthquake that occurred in Turkey thousands of years ago that made it a hot spring. This hot spring is lined with limestone. Who wants to soak in a unique hot water pool, can stop here.

21. Cano Cristale River, Colombia

Cano River Crystales, Colombia

The Cano Crystales River in Columbia is the most beautiful river in the world. This river looks colorful caused by the many flora and fauna that exist in this river, and more unique again after it is known that the rocks in this river has been 1.2 million years old! Wow!

22. Marble Patagonia Cave, Chile

The cave that formed for thousands of years ago this stems from the waves that hit the limestone rocks. The walls of this cave wall form a pattern that reflects the current during its formation.

24. Fly Gleyser, Nevada

Fly Gleyser in Nevada is formed by accident because of the well drilling. However, it turns out minerals and gangang begin to form a mound that shaped like this alien. Good!25. Underwater Waterfall, Mauritius Island

The strong sea currents have swept the grains of sand on the island of Mauritania and made it look like a waterfall under the sea. Awesome!

26. Lake Kelimutu, Indonesia

There is another magical place in our own country. Let's go to eastern Indonesia, precisely on the island of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara.

These three lakes have an area of ??1,051,000 m2 and a volume of 1,292 million cubic meters.

The blue lake (Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai) is considered a gathering place for the young soul. The red lake (Tiwu Ata Polo) is considered the gathering place for the soul of evil soul. The white lake (Tiwu Ata Mbupu) is a gathering place for the souls of parents.

The myth of the color change in Lake Kelimutu, means there will be a big event. Things like this had happened in 1992, at that time the color of Lake Kelimutu changed and an earthquake that swallowed thousands of victims.

Myth, believe baseball believe yes, but Lake Flores is still proud. Why? Because where else can we see three adjacent lakes and have different colors and are able to change change?

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