29 Fun Things You Can Do on the Weekend, Without Need to Quit a Penny of Money

29 Fun Things You Can Do on the Weekend, Without Need to Quit a Penny of Money

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After passing through the days of work that drain your mind and energy, finally came the long-awaited weekend. But, ever do not feel confused at the weekend: going where, who and what? Moreover, when this weekend you've no budget for alias streets bokek again.

Well, in this article Hipwee has prepared 29 things you can do to fill your weekend without the need to spend a penny. What's that, anyway? Immediately see, yuk!

1. The Weekend Is Time To Go To Your Hobbies

What is your hobby? Create origami, replica paper, or drawing? The weekend is your time to develop a hobby. After a busy campus or an office, here's your chance to momentarily break free. You can really loosen your mind and imagine freely through what is your passion.

2. Want to Play Game Sepuasnya?

In addition to making your mind relax, play the game was able to improve your intelligence and remembering ability you know. Well, if you are true gamers, just take advantage of your weekend to hang out in front of a computer screen or laptop, deh!

3. Watch Movies That Are In Your Laptop

Try checking the movie folder on your laptop. How many movies have you not seen yet? I was so busy, you sometimes just got the latest movie downloads without the time to watch it. Bener, no?

4. If You Have a Camera, Can Lho Make Your Own Photom Project

Got a camera at home? You can use your free time on your weekend for photo hunting. Pretty right while training your skills in the world of photography. Well, after skillfully using the camera, you can continue learning to edit photos. Upload your photos on Flickr.com or Tumblr.com, and see how many people love your work.

5. NappingRegular activity outside the home every day, you may never have a chance to take a nap. Hmmboleh deh revenge at the weekend for the sake of refining body and mind after one week of work.

Prepare pillows, blankets, and open your window so that fresh air can enter. Guaranteed, napping this time could be perfect.

6. Face Care At Home

Facial and body treatments do not always have to be done in the salon. The ingredients in your kitchen or home refrigerator can also be used for natural facial treatments. Here you can find natural mask recipes or scrubs from simple ingredients in your home.

7. Create a Memory for the Precious

Giving flowers or chocolates to your loved ones may sound familiar. Well, another way that can be tried is to make a collection of songs of your memories and people you love. Collection of songs that can be stored in the phone, flash, or burned in CD format. Suitable really so a birthday present or anniversary of you and your spouse.

8. Can Find Scholarship If You Want More Lecture

If you want to go to college to higher level, you should use your weekend to seek scholarships. Providers of scholarships at home and abroad can be found here.

Can you qualify? Begin to collect scholarship requirements and measure your own abilities.

9. Come to Art Event In Your Town

Each city or area usually has an agenda of art events on weekends. For example, dance performances, wayang orang, cultural carnival, or exhibition works. Try checking the agenda in your respective city. Do not worry if the event is not really you. You can try new things, right?10. Have the desire to help others, you can be a volunteer

The desire to be able to help others can you channel by volunteering alias so volunteer. No need to go inland or out of the island. Orphanages or nursing homes in your city can be an appropriate sharing option.

11. Learning New Science that You Have not Mastered

Humans are required to always keep up with the times. In order to stay competitive in the world of work, you should try to update information and knowledge. Is learning coding, programming, or website design? Choose one of the areas that you like and support your current job.

12. Gather With Your Friends

Gathering with friends is one of those activities that can make you happy without having to spend money. Invite friends to come to your house. Prepare snacks and soft drinks to accompany casual chatting at home. Swapping stories and sharing experiences is one way to increase your knowledge.

13. Do not Forget, Schedule Clean Events

Well, after almost a week of neglecting your room, the weekend is the perfect time to clean up. In addition to the room to be clean and tidy, this one activity was also able to reduce stress and pressure that you may feel during the workday.

14. May Lho If You Want To Join In Certain Community

Fond of something could be an excuse to join the community. For example, you like fixie bikes, skateboards, or roller skates. Join the community, lets you meet people who have the same passion as you. Typically, weekends are used for community gathering and sharing.

15. One Of The Must Do Is SportsExercise should be done daily. However, the reasons for busyness sometimes make you forget this one obligation. Instead, take advantage of leisure time on weekends to keep your body fit with exercise. Walking and jogging can be a sport option that does not require you to spend a penny.

16. Calculating Monthly Spending

This one might sound unattractive to do. In fact, it is important to always control and manage monthly expenses. Check back your monthly spending list and the rest of the money you have. Are you able to save money, or are you extravagant?

17. Visiting Brothers Or Neighbors

As a social being, you also need to interact with people in your neighborhood. Try to occasionally visit your relative's house not far from your house. Stop by to greet neighbors and behave properly as good citizens.

18. Clean Up Your Computer Or Laptop

Use your free time to check your laptop's contents. Remove unnecessary folders. Make sure all the folders are neatly arranged with clear names. This will certainly be very convenient when you use a laptop to work or wrestle with college assignments.

19. Make Garage Sale

Without the need to spend money, this one activity can actually make money you know! Yup, you can make garage sale with some friends on weekends.

The trick, collect items that are not used and still in good condition. Take advantage of your garage or porch as a place to sell. Make the garage sale as attractive as possible so that many people will be interested to stop by.

20. Train Your Writing TalentWeekend is your time to take care of personal blogs that may be forgotten during the work day. Yup, this is the time to train your writing talent!

Summarize your unique events and experiences for one week. Then write down your story and let people read or comment on interesting things in your life.

21. Prepare a To-Do List For Next Week

Weekends are not the end of your job, but also the beginning of your next job. So, think about what you have to do next week. Record your tasks in a trace and tidy. Do not forget to recall what tasks you have not completed in this week, and add back to your to-do list for next week.

22. Learning to Cook

Self-cooked food will taste better and healthier. In addition, cooking will train your sensitivity to taste. Hmm this weekend, what do you want to cook?

23. For the Ease of Body and Mind, You Need to Practice Meditation

Job pressure or college assignments may make your mind work too hard. As a result, you feel dizzy, stressed, or even feel depressed. Well, one cheap way that can be done to cure it is by way of practicing meditation.

Find the place or the quietest room in your house. Create an atmosphere that is as comfortable as possible so that you can focus during meditation. Sitting cross-legged and feeling your own breath is a powerful way to make your body and mind fresh again.

24. Read The Book You Love

Reading a book can be one way to pamper yourself. This activity makes you feel relaxed and momentarily forget the pressure of work or other things that are not fun. Pick the book you like best and let yourself sink into your reading. If the books at home are up for you to read, try visiting Goodreads.com or Gutenberg.org to download or read books online.25. Gardening

Gardening to be an activity that much in demand on the weekend because it can reduce the stress. Busyness when planting or caring for plants can make you forget the routine during the torturous working day. In fact, seeing your plants thrive is one of the simplest ways of happiness.

26. Train Your Ability to Play Musical Instruments

Music does have a correlation with the level of human intelligence. The results prove that children who regularly learn musical instruments since 6 years have a much better academic achievement than children who do not learn music.

Well, spare time at the end of the week you should use to train your ability to play a musical instrument. What musical instrument can you find in your house? Try to play it by referring to a book, video tutorial, or trainer's help.

27. Take care of your pets

If you have a pet at home, you should spend some time at the weekend to take care of him. For example, you can start by cleaning the cage, bathing, or taking a walk. In fact, not just humans you know who can experience stress.

28. Learning a Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language is one sign of people who are happy you know. So what's wrong with using your free time to try to learn a foreign language that you've never learned before. Use a physical dictionary and a notebook or join a foreign language learning program online here.

29. Dating at Home

Maybe this is the cheapest and fun way to fill your weekend. No need to walk to the mall or go to the cinema. just invite your girlfriend to come home.Many things can be done together: watching TV, playing games, or just chatting. In fact, in addition to keeping courtship relationship remains warm, this way is also powerful to maintain good relationships between boyfriend and your family.

So, this weekend you want to do?

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