3 Climate Change Scenarios ‘Doomsday’ at the End of the Century

3 Climate Change Scenarios 'Doomsday' at the End of the Century

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A scientist from Australia recently issued an article about horrible climate change that could trigger the Earth like a doom can no longer live.

It is David Wallace-Well who wrote an essay in New York Magazine entitled 'The Unhabitable Earth'. In his writings he describes how terrible global warming later. And the Earth will be uninhabitable by the end of the century.

"I promise, global warming is far more horrible than you think," Wallace-Well writes in his opening essay sentence as quoted from News.com.au on Sunday (16/7/2017).

Wallace-Well describes 'doomsday' will happen in Australia.

"Even if Australians survive, big cities have severe droughts, poisonous seas and deaths haunted by smoke and war," he wrote in the article.

Wallace-Well also asserted that the apocalypse will occur at the end of the century.

However, his writings received sharp criticism. However, not by those skeptical of climate change, but scientists who are pro-pro

Scientists agree Wallace-Well's 'irresponsible'.

"This remarkable claim requires tremendous and profound evidence." This article fails to show that proof, "said Michael E.Mann, Director of the Earth System Science Center at Pennsylvania State University.

In line with Mann, Richard Betts of the University of Exeter, England said, "Earth can no longer live is pure hyperbole."

However, there are others who agree with Wallace-Well. One of them is Dr. Liz Hanna, President of the Climate and Health Alliance and a researcher on the impact of global warming on health at the Australian National University (ANU)."This could happen, and anytime," Hanna said. His remarks were shared by Professor Will Steffen of Australia's Policy Council on Climate Change.

"This is not an ultra-science view, but a careful assessment of the public collapse of extreme climate change," Steffen said.

Then what kind of scenario shows that doomsday is in sight. Here are 3 'symptoms' version of Wallace-Well:

Previously, watch the following video on global warming:

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