3 Evidence of the Powerful Effect of Global Warming During 2015

3 Evidence of the Powerful Effect of Global Warming During 2015

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For most people of Indonesia, 2015 is arguably the year of disaster triggered by climate change. Starting from the case of drought, acute drought, to the largest forest fires over the last few decades occurred in 2015. Climate change is really happening in all parts of the world. Indonesia feels its impact in 2015 with the symptoms of a long dry season with no possibility of rain at all. Several other parts of the world feel climate change in the form of very high temperatures as happened in India and Pakistan, resulting in 2500 more lives killed in just a few weeks.

The effects of climate change or global warming can no longer be underestimated. Global warming has a major impact on human health. Threatening human health, drought and water shortage, and threatening food sources. Even according to the World Health Organization (WHO), between 2030 and 2050, climate change is predicted to lead to an increase in human deaths by 220,000 per year due to malnutrition, hunger, diarrhea, and hot air.

Towards the end of 2015, here are three powerful evidence of the effects of global warming during 2015:

1. The earth gets hotter, reaching its hottest point in 2015

The year 2015 is the year with the hottest average temperatures of Earth in history. For more than 1 century since the development of the industrial revolution has filled the world, the burning of fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum has led to significant exhaust emissions, resulting in global warming effects. BBC launch, based on data from January to October 2015 showed the world surface temperature for the year 2015 is 0.73 degrees Celsius above the average 1961-1990.

2. Global warming in 2015 due to hunger and health problems

It is undeniable that global warming in 2015 has brought significant losses in public health concerns. Just look at how the negative impact felt by the Indonesian people affected by the long drought in 2015. Climate change or global warming triggered the lack of healthy air and clean drinking water, food production that failed to cause hunger and food prices soared. As a result hunger, skin diseases, to respiratory distress due to smoke disaster in 2015 ago.

3. Global warming has changed the causes of natural disasters, triggering extreme temperatures and changing rainfall

The most visible impact of the global warming effect of 2015 is natural disasters and changes in weather patterns. Natural disasters that occur in 2015 are more dominated by disasters due to weather and climate. Long droughts, acute droughts, forest fires, flash floods and landslides become Indonesia's disastrous disaster records by 2015. In fact, globally, the number of weather-related natural disasters has reportedly tripled since the 1960s.


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