3 Facts about a Starbucks Boycott That Makes You Rethink

3 Facts about a Starbucks Boycott That Makes You Rethink

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News of the recent Starbucks boycott does indeed result in two opinions among citizens. The first opinion is how this boycott makes sense and is worth doing. The second opinion is that the boycott is outdated. This time Hipwee collected three facts explaining Starbucks boycott from a different angle. Come on, read on!

1. New viral and excited right now, it turns out Starbucks has expressed support for same-sex marriage since 5 years ago.

The fact that Starbucks issued a statement endorsing the legalization of same-sex marriage has actually existed since January 2012. As quoted by The Seattle Times, one of the directors of Starbucks at the time, Executive Vice President of Partner Resources, Kate Holmes, stated on the open letter to the a Starbucks employee in the United States that Starbucks supports equity and inclusion in its corporate culture.

In a letter dated January 24, 2012, support for same-sex marriage and equality of all gender is considered in line with Starbucks commitment to accept differences and support the equality of the right to create a safe and inclusive work environment for all employees.

Well about the controversial statement from Howard Schultz who said We dont want your bussiness, the fact he did not really say so lho guys. As quoted by Forbes, Starbucks CEO at the time, Howard Schultz, responded to the drop in Starbucks shares related to the issue of support for same-sex marriage. He fully entrusted the investment decision to the investors by saying if you feel, respectfully, that you can get a year back from the 38% you got last year, its a free country. You can sell your shares in Starbucks and buy shares in another company. Thank you very much. As we can see in the following video:

Interestingly, Schultz's remarks were issued at his internal meeting with shareholders in March 2013, and now Schultz has stepped down as director while CEO of Starbucks has been replaced by Kevin Johnson since April 2017.

2. Call of Starbucks boycott in Indonesia originally came from a chat group!

The Muhammadiyah Central Executive (PP) of the economic sector who called for a boycott of Starbucks products, Anwar Abbas, admitted to Reuters that he got information about the Starbucks CEO who supported the LGBT from a chat group.

Well now chat group can be multifunctional so news portal also yes. Moreover, through a chain message that either originated from where origin. But still be careful guys, besides full of entertainment jokes gentlemen, chat groups can also be misused as a means of disseminating information that is not necessarily true and responsible.

3. Not just Starbucks, the following companies are friendly to LGBT;

It turns out that companies that support the equivalence of LGBT and legalization of same-sex marriage is not just Starbucks, guys. There are many lists of big companies that openly declare their support like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Ebay, Nike, Levis, Prudential, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Disney and many more.Well, what do you think? In a sensitive issue like this, there will be a pro-contra, want you including the pros or the cons, all depends entirely on your choice. Let's start now familiarize tabayyun first in receiving information before sharing it, let you be a warganet cool and smart guys!

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