3 Gadgets That Actually NGGAK You Need to Handle Lectures

3 Gadgets That Actually NGGAK You Need to Handle Lectures

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Are any of you all in preparation for college? Before the lecture takes place, you'll be busy preparing for everything. Ranging from clothes, bags, shoes, to a variety of electronic equipment. For example laptops or other sophisticated goods. But do you really need those sophisticated things? Here are 3 gadgets that you really do not need to face college.

Being a student does look fun and exciting. But this is the turning point of you being a mature person. Because the education system in college requires you to be an active person. It's not like schoolboys are being fed with lessons. Especially if you lecture away from home, outside the city, and must nge-kost. Surely you guys are learning a lot to be an independent human being. There are also things that you think will be needed in the course, but not really. You can use your money for other things instead of buying the following items:

1. Laptop Specifications High

Having a laptop for a student is quite important. Since you are in college, you must imagine there will be a lot of diverse college assignments. Then you think you need a laptop with a very high specification that makes working your tasks easier. And baseball too, depending on what college you are. For example if you study IT or design, having a laptop with a high spec is a must to support your lectures. But if you go to language, law, or education, for example, then a laptop with a standard spec is also sufficient. Because you do not need to open a heavy program on the laptop.

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So, adjust the type of laptop you want to buy with your field and college majors. The important thing is to adjust the funds you have. Do not force expensive purchases when funds are limited. Moreover, tuition fees are also quite high. Unfortunately if you have an expensive laptop, but only used for typing doang. Edge-end to play the game, just watching movies, denger music, or browsing-browsing.

2. External HardDisk

You must be thinking 3 to 4 years of college, there will be a lot of important college data that you need to keep. Hence, you feel the need to buy an external hard drive with a large capacity. For example by 2 Terabytes. But believe deh same Jaka, data lecture you, especially if only in the form of lecture materials, the task of writing, presentation, and so will not be up to 1GB. It does fit in FlashDisk as well. Even if you're a design college for example, a collection of tasks and portfolios of artwork, or video and animation you only spend a maximum of several hundred Gigabyte only. If only that much, your laptop hard drive is just 500 GB is also quite kok. Your external hard drive will only be filled with software, games, and movies from the right until the movie does not.

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Another alternative to storing your data is to use cloud computing services like Dropbox or Google Drive. Your data will be stored securely, easily accessed from anywhere, and more easily shared if needed.

3. PrinterAs a student, you must often make a task. Most of the tasks in the form of paper in the form of papers, papers, reports, and so forth. But do you need a printer? With the rapid development of Internet technology, many lecturers are using it by using e-mail for task delivery. In addition to more simple and fast, this way is also done to save paper usage and save the environment.

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The frequency of use of this increasingly rare printer makes you do not need to have your own printer in your boarding room. The easiest and cheapest way is to stay in the same print as the friend again if there is a task that needs to be printed. Or you and some friends you can joint to buy a printer for use rame-rame. So more efficient and cheaper, right? Usually you begin to really need a printer when it comes to the final project or thesis.

Well, that's three kinds of sophisticated stuff that you think is necessary to face the world of lectures. But it really does not need-it's really necessary. Adjust the funds you have with the expenses. Because your lecture also requires less cost. Especially if everything you still bear the same parents. If your parents are well enough does not matter. But if just barely pity. Since you're a student and grown up, learn more about it! If you have another opinion, you can pass it through the comment field below yes!

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