3 Mosquitoes Are Dangerous, Recognize and Avoid

3 Mosquitoes Are Dangerous, Recognize and Avoid

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Vemale.com – The disease is transmitted by mosquitoes is not a foreign thing in the ears of the people of Indonesia. In fact, in each family at least one family member affected by the disease from this mosquito.

Actually there are three main diseases transmitted through mosquitoes, namely malaria, dengue, and filariasis. According to DR. dr. Leonard Nainggolan SpPD-KPTI, Tropical and Infectious Disease Consultant from Indonesian Tropical and Infectious Disease Research Association (PETRI), the type of mosquito that causes these three diseases is Aedes (mainly Aedes aegypti) which also causes yellow fever, zika, and chikungunya, Anopeles mosquito ( causes of malaria) and Culex (mosquito house / kebon) mosquitoes that can transmit elephantiasis (foot filariasis) and encephalitis.

1. Culex mosquito

Culex mosquitoes breed in aqueducts, septic tanks, trenches, puddles, and dark places like homes. Diseases that need to be cautiously spread by the culex mosquitoes are elephantiasis (elephantiasis). Mosquitoes spread filaria parasites as the cause of elephantiasis through their bites. The parasite causes the blockage of the lymph vessels in the legs or arms, causing swelling so-called elephant legs.

Elephant foot is not a deadly disease, but it causes bad stigma, and interfere with daily activities. When it is swollen, no treatment can heal, just to minimize the swelling.

"Prevention can be done by avoiding the bite of Culex mosquitoes by installing bed nets, applying Clean and Healthy Behavior (PHBS), and actively clean the mosquito nest (PSN)," said dr. Leonard when found in Jakarta.

2. Anopheles mosquito

Anopheles mosquitoes can transmit plasmodium parasites that cause malaria. The transmitting mosquito is a female, it bites because it requires blood (protein) to ripen its eggs. Anopheles mosquitoes prefer areas with high moisture above 60%.

Anopheles mosquito actively enter the house at 17.00-22.00 tonight, and very active until early morning and midnight. Because of its nightly activity, it is most effective to prevent anopheles mosquito bites from installing mosquito nets.

Malaria is now beginning to become endemic in areas previously rare or not found in cases of malaria. Environmental change is suspected to be the trigger. In general, Anopheles mosquitoes cause malaria is found mainly in plantation areas and rice fields or suburbs and rarely found in urban areas.

3. Aedes aegypti mosquitoesUnlike the Anopheles and Culex mosquitoes, Aedes aegypti mosquito causes dengue fever, very active during the day. In addition to spreading dengue virus causes dengue fever, later Aedes mosquitoes also cause zika epidemic. Zika virus, although not causing death, but dangerous if it infects pregnant women because it can cause fetal defects that is microsepalus (brain shrink) cause the development of children inhibited and the child's age is not long.

Aedes also causes chikukunya disease with symptoms of joint inflammation that can become chronic, with symptoms like paralyzed limbs. The three diseases, DB, chikungunya, and zika, have been confirmed in Indonesia.

Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, due to climate change, have wider cruising range. In areas where Aedes's mosquitoes could not live, they can now live as the temperature warms. For example Europe, which was sterile from Aedes mosquitoes, for example in Sicily Italy began to find cases of DB that is not import disease.

Stay alert and hopefully this information is usefull ladies.

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