3 Perceptions Need to be Straighten About the Meaning of Work. Hey, Make no mistake!

3 Perceptions Need to be Straighten About the Meaning of Work. Hey, Make no mistake!

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Opportunities for applying for jobs are getting thinner in this country, as if there is no hope that can be achieved to achieve the future, especially the time at the end of the lecture. I remember very well when I was in college in Malang, even though graduated in time, until the end of graduation is still upset about where to go this step will I want to reach the future.

There are three choices at that time, start a business that has been built, go to college once while there is a chance, or decided to apply for a job in the company? But the fact that at that time I chose to get married first instead of the three things that was, really beyond expectations, hehe. But it's not about the wedding I'm going to discuss, because I know how miserable the tuna of romance if constantly fed the right time to marry.

The number of job seekers compared to the job creator further exacerbates the situation. People are competing to enter in A class company, while the opportunity is only 1 appeals thousands of applicants. Classic questions arise in the minds of relatives and siblings, When do you graduate? Which work plan after graduation? After this go to college again kah ?. For those who already have entrance tickets to work in the agency or company may not need to be questioned like that again, but how the response of a final student who has not yet get a graduation picture, let alone want to work where.

Let's stop aggravating the eternal student condition! All they need is moral support, because after getting a degree it does not guarantee someone gets a job right away, let alone an appropriate job.

But after we pass the graduation period and enter the workforce, we are again faced with the problem of how we should choose the job, what is the general opinion about work? And what is our goal to work? The word work is taken from the basic word of work which according to KBBI is the activity of doing something; done (done), something done to earn a living; livelihood and so forth.

Here are my views on how perceptions and misconceptions are evolving in the community and the need to be straightened out about the true meaning of work.

Perception I: Working in a Class A company to raise social status

Ideals since childhood little choice, if not a doctor, pilot, police yes teacher only. Rarely has a dream beyond that, eg be a talented writer, a successful trader, professional photographer or something beyond that. Perhaps this embedded mindset is what makes the blunder of yourself to be restrained by the state of the environment, brain-brained since childhood that the future choices are just that-that's it, so it's hard to develop to be outside the comfort zone.

On the other hand, lack of confidence sometimes makes someone inferior when wanting to apply for a job, let alone want to propose you, yes you Hehe. When faced with it usually begin to emerge educated unemployment milling around us while apply job to company, or go to S2 study because of urgency of parent, want to become lecturer, demands of the times or even let cool because prestige has not go to work?

Thought is nothing wrong, as we understand each has a vision built on the character and what purpose is in the work environment. But let us consider, whether all we want to do after graduating college just because it is to follow the demands of others? Suppose the demands of being a civil servant or working in the bank and all other demands that are all endless if we comply, so the comfort zone becomes the only alternative that can be achieved rather than painstakingly build a vision that suits a sincere self desire, yet the environment is not support for developing.

The problems that often occur when the hobby does not match the field during college, so you sacrifice your hobbies that actually have a long-term hope. If you are a hobby to be a professional photographer while your majors are accounting for example, surely you prefer to linear with your majors even though the knowledge is mediocre, often cheats in the class, which is important to pass and get a degree. If the title we are looking for, then we lose if not work according to the title, but if the science we are looking for, then you will not lose if the world of work is not in accordance with your diploma.We know that honorary workers (eg honorary teachers, honorary medical workers etc.) are not too much salary, because the main purpose to work in that environment is usually to serve sincerely, without expecting more salary. But it is very different if you are willing to work in the environment just want to be viewed either by neighbors or relatives that the important thing you have to work, though to bother tough bones with little results, while the heart does not sincerely accept the reality of morning work home night with a salary is not how . So give priority to the judgment of others rather than judgment and self-will. If it already? Just live a friend, because none of it is vain, as long as our intentions are clear, not because of the demands of others, do not expect anything from others. So, do not give yourself standards in accordance with the standards of others when you receive a salary is not enough, do as you want a friend!

If you want a high salary, you better start working in the corporate environment, let alone want to survive, undoubtedly your salary will continue sky, if you are impatient and consider his job tiring? Establish your own business alone, rather than just obey what others say. Sometimes we want a fast paced, fast want to earn a lot of income, quickly want to get high position without taking into account what skills and skills we have.

Perception II: Work is only a term for those with a fixed salary

One day Jono, who just pioneered his business, was questioned by his colleague, Tono, who works as an employee in the state-owned, Eh Jon, this lho there is a job vacancy suitable for you, his salary is quite big, see this info I share to you after this ,

Most people still mendikotomikan people working with people who are not fixed, and view that work only for those with a fixed salary. It's as if people who are entrepreneurial, freelancers or something that has no financial certainty are people who are still not working, when they are trying to find their true identity, following what's in their hearts, not someone else's. So do not ever look at the person who is not fixed income is not working, but may be in terms of income is almost the same, even more than those who have worked.

If thought, the perception of other people to entrepreneurship only seen from the achievement, without seeing the process. For example, Jono 10 years ago was just a clothing merchant, but Jono is now a clothing convection businessman who has a turnover of 1 billion per month. Surely if already successful, just recognized that Jono is a successful entrepreneur. Unlike when Jono 10 years ago which is only seen not yet go to work, so to fulfill his life, he graduated from graduate education to sell clothes in the market. The process how? Will not be asked, bro! What percentage of people around Jono provide support for the advancement of their business rather than those who try to lure jobs outside of their hobbies? Though in terms of degree, he is more suitable to be a teacher.

When Jono 10 years ago still pioneered his efforts, most of them even suggested to apply for work instead of later he loses his diploma is not kepakai or loss of college is expensive just to sell clothes in the market, regardless of the extent to which he proceeded to develop his business. If it is successful, then they silence a thousand languages.

Perception III: Working only to make money

The last and often self-perception that we feel that work only to earn money and a living. Opinion was not entirely wrong, just not complete. We are created in this earth certainly not without reason, but only to worship God Almighty, Allah SWT. So when it refers to it, then everything we do, including working day and night, is also solely for worshiping God, if God answers our prayers, then sustenance will come at an unexpected moment, especially the entrepreneur, suddenly we get a windfall today that usually has not been as much today and so forth.

But the greatest test of man is when he is finished all things, whether he still hopes for Him or forgets that all God is the one who gives. So as His servant, do not make your job become your barrier in worship, even with our work bone, the more khyusu our worship, because the higher the science that we get, the more down and assume that we are still indigent knowledge.

Finally, the three perceptions that I have discussed above need to be straightened out and equipped, not just from one side, but other sides we must learn, so that the souls of our young people are not just chasing the cit

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